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I am a newbie to CPA, yesterday I submit my application to CPA Tank and another CPAaffiliates.Unfortunately, I got denial from CPA Tank cuz my website doesn't compliment their offers. My website is about fashion and girls'make-up with low traffic.But I don't have any other website with high traffic right now. Should I make a phone call to AM or find a person to recommend me .I sincerely need your help ,and I will give THANK YOU .
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    I really need your help ,could any on give me some advice?
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    Hi - You could try calling the AM and explain to them (confidently) that you have good experience in traffic generation with affiliate marketing and now wish to move into the CPA market. Explain that you will be driving good quality traffic to their offers using social media, media buys and article marketing. Explain to them also that you have been marketing for over 12 months and that your skills are transferable. It is also advisable to maybe sign up for a course or training - there are many on here - Do a search for Kenster on this forum, who is a great CPA coach.

    Hope this help.
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      I know from experience that CPATank is harder to get accepted into than most CPA networks. I would highly recommend applying as a publisher on Peerfly. They don't mind accepting newbies as long as you are honest with them about your plans, and they have a better stats listing for each offer.
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        Try Maxbounty or Peerfly. Those Network are easier to get approved.
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    It may be because you are from China - they may have experienced people in the past using illegal method to drive traffic.

    Give them a call if you feel confident enough - explain how you plan on promoting their offers

    All the best
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    There's one thing I didn't understand here... Why most of the CPA websites are rated with "Poor" by myWOT? O.o
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    Call them and give them as much information about your site as you can. Show that you're professional and want to take it seriously. This is the best way to get them to approve you.
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    PM me I think I can help you join a highly reputed CPA company.
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    I need know how post a new post! Help me please!

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