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by Edille Rosario 6 replies
When I have no idea on how to promote offers on PeerFly, I tried 7search for the first time and my 5 days trial campaign was hit success.

I promote 3 offers and I earned $19 and my traffic worth is $13 so I get $6 in profit for 5 days

The next day (I am happy because I am successful with my first trial), I paused all of my previous campaign on 7search and I have leveled-up my campaign.

So I created my New Campaign, added the "###KEYWORD###" thing in the link that Luke advice (which is very helpful really). Started to promote iPhone 5 test and keep AGAIN, this time, much more keywords (about 19 keywords). That is when I accidentally destroy my trial. I've use the keyword "FREE" to promote (which is wide-range keyword) and got 132 click with no leads.

So in my 2nd Trial campaign, I lost $5 and no lead.

What is the difference in my two campaigns?


Promoted: iPhone 5 Test and Keep
Keywords use: 9 (all keywords have the word iPhone)
Income: $6


Promoted: iPhone 5 Test and Keep
Keywords use: 19 (Some keywords don’t have the word iPhone like “FREE”, "FREE CELLPHONE", "CELLPHONE", etc. )
Income: -$5

So now I learned my lesson, it’s better to promote 2 accurate keywords than 20 wide range keywords.

I need your advice guys on how to get successful
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