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Hi there,
Well its been about 10 days since I first joined LeadImpact, I made my $200 deposit and started testing campaigns, mostly 1 page submit, email submit offers.. around ($1-$2 per lead).

I've generated 58.85 so far, but I've spent 102.70.

I have been testing many campaigns and many keywords... and I'm using prosper202 for tracking, but I can't find good patterns.

During the week, I have an offer that was converting around 5 times per day at 1.90 each with only 2 o 3 keywords (URLS).

But then the weekend came and those keywords (urls) are not converting anything, I don't know why?! maybe it's the same traffic seeing the same advertisment.

I only converted 4 times in all the weekend.. spending more than $25 in traffic.

I'm direct linking btw... also I tried using LP for a free $1000 bestbuy gift card offer, but with 150 views, I got like 20 clicks and 0 conversions... maybe the offer page is not working, it was supposed to convert on email submit.

Anyway, I'm worried about my campaigns and lead impact
What kind of advices can you give me?
Maybe deactivate campaigns every 5 days, and with like other 5 days to restart them?
Using landing pages?
Or maybe just get out of lead impact?

Any help is really appreciated.
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    You are getting results. That's good.

    Start deleting any url or keyword target that get lots of searches but little or no click-throughs. Keep track of all metrics... including Date and Time.

    As speedy said, weekends can be slow. Keep testing, tracking and learning. Many IMers fail simply b/c they quit

    Start testing landers where you collect the email yourself to build your list(s). Then redirect to the offer page. Follow up with an email autoresponder driving them back to the original offer and promoting other related cpa offers over the course of time.

    I've done this and it helps boost EPCs. Then go to your AM with your High EPC history and ask for a pay bump on the offer. This is usually enough to get you into profitability. Not to mention building a nice sized list.
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    I'm not doing CPV, but i'm also promoting e-mail submits and I'm having a slow weekend. The past 3 days i've generated only half as many leads as i usually do, which sucks.. I hope that this is only because of it being the weekend. Monday is here though, so I guess i'll see what happens..

    "I don't care to belong to a club that accepts people like me as members."

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    Thanks for your answers!
    I'll try the email thing! best regards
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    You're in the testing phase, so you're not doing so bad. You have to track all the elements of your campaign and keep testing offers, URLs, landing pages, etc... You will almost ner be profitble and get a consistent ROI right from the first day.

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    Thanks William,

    What are your parameters for testing keywords/url in PPV (LeadImpact)?

    I mean for example you add 200 urls (keywords).
    For example if the offer pays 2.00 usd on registration.
    And the CPV is .015...
    In that case the break even is: 133 views
    if you want a 100% ROI (which is fine with me), you need to convert every 89 views.
    But waiting 89 views of each url (keyword) is expensive and slow.
    So what is a good testing number?
    I heard that 10% of the payout.. for example if the offer pays 2.0 and cpv is .015.. that should be 13-14 views per keyword. but then if the offer is converting at lets say 30 clicks, you will be missing a 300%+ ROI opportunity.

    Is this logic correct, what do you suggest guys?

    Thanks a lot
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    I had campaigns where same offers on different networks produced different EPC. Split test offers also from different networks. Some of them shave like hell.
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    It's really not bad for a starter you can make it even more profitable by blocking URL that get a lot of view without conversion. You need to track these data. It's really rare someone is profitable right away with offers. They need to test, improve and optimize. If you do this correctly you should see profits. If not, try other offer or different network with the same offer.

    Keep up the good work.
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