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Hey everyone

I have just been approved by cpaway and this is my first time in a cpa network i noticed that every offer has a "country allowed" box most of them say united states
does that mean only people in the united states can promote the offer?
or does that mean they only accept united state traffic?
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    Honestly, just to be 100% certain I would check with your AM to get accurate clarification. But more than likely that is the targeted country.
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    It means they only accept US traffic. I work with them as well.
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    Yeah I worked with CPAway, payment is on time never missed, but offer only allowed in united states traffic.
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    It means that offer is only valid for the US hits and conversions. Actually other visitors will not see the offer. In that case the offer will be moderated and converted to another offer allowed in that country.
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      As the savvy marketers before said - it means your traffic must be correlated with the campaign's restrictions. In this case - US traffic.
      They don't actually care if your a US citizen or Jamaican
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      Plus, sometimes there are campaigns that are available to a variety of countries - yet the payment for each and every country is different - technical issues in this case is on the network's responsibility
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