Poll: Are you making money with LeadImpact + CPA ?

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Hi there!

I dont mean to ask for secrets, tips or anything else than this simple question. (although if you feel like sharing that's great!)

I still have 80 dollars left on my leadimpact account, and I want to know if ppl is actually making money with this, if the answer is yes that means I've to try harder!
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    Hey Prodak,

    There's plenty of people doing good numbers with LeadImpact, but you need to keep testing and ideally have a decent budget to do this. I mainly use Trafficvance these days for their volume, but will also use LeadImpact to scale out a campaign.

    I'd focus on just one or two campaigns for now and try to turn a profit out of them. However, you could do with more than $80 to do this effectively.

    Best of luck,

    - Marcus
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      Thanks, well today finally I got a good url scraper and tomorrow I'll be testing 4 campaigns with about 1000-2000 new urls each. (with a budget limit of 5 per campaign) So a couple of days should be enough to find out if there are real winners on those urls, and that will only cost 40max. What do you think about it? Or do you suggest to try lets say 6000 urls in only 1 campaign with a higher daily budget?

      Thanks in advance!
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    It's really difficult to say without seeing your campaign setup and knowing what offers you're promoting and the offer payout etc., but I think your budget will be key.

    For instance, I started a campaign this month targeting just one high traffic URL and then kept adding and testing more high traffic URLs. It took around 10 days, 30 URLs and $2,000 in testing before I started to break even. This particular campaign is now returning good profit, but it still needs to be monitored and tweaked.

    - Marcus
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