Any Suggestion to Start CPA? How it helps to Make Money?

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I made some affiliate sites, Adsense sites.
I have websites monetized with affiliate products / adsense.
I don't have idea on CPA marketing.
Can you helpme to let me know what is CPA and how to use it to make money?

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    Join a few CPA Networks and use PPC to drive traffic to their offers. You get paid for the leads you generate unlike adsense where you get paid per click. Some networks: Peerfly,Mundomedia,Rextopia,Mobpartner
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      I can tell you my way how I started.

      Instead of promoting single offers, I have made site where users search offers whatever they want and, at the end, convert them in leads.

      Of course, at the beginning I have made landing page where I get theirs emails and on that way building my leads.
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    I would suggest dedicating atleast an hour a day to reading threads on this subject. It's not something to learn on the fly.
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    CPA is just getting them to do small offers on other sites to make money, such as giving their name and email.
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      Thanks to all of you for your valuable guidance on CPA.
      But how to start Making money from CPA marketing?

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    First off, learn about the different traffic methods and decide which type of traffic you would like to get into.

    If you don't have much budget for testing, go for the free methods. Like YouTube Video Marketing or SEO to your websites. Video marketing can be good if you know how to rank #1 for good keywords. Otherwise, I suggest you get a part-time job and save money for testing, this is something that will speed up your success tremendously!

    For Paid Traffic methods, you have PPC,PPV,Media Buys.etc. Mainly most people focus on PPC, the concept is simple but not necessarily easy. In short, get your EPC(Earnings Per Click) higher than your CPC(Cost Per Click). Sound Simple? Wait till you actually get your feet wet..

    Good Luck and Keep Perservering!
    Make Money By Sharing Cool Apps with Friends! No Selling involved, PM me for details!
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    What is CPA? Cost per action. Basically it when someone leaves an email, of fills out a form (lead) that goes to the company that you're affiliated with. An example would be a $100 Walmart gift card, just fill in your email and get one.

    Tired of the grind? Wait. PM me to see a better way.

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    This is actually what I do, I do CPA's with my team and they do work if you find the right CPA's with the right type of payout. Your goal is to find one with the highest payout as possible, and whatever ones pay daily. Ours pay daily, but others don't. Look carefully at the CPA's terms. Email me if you need help.
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    CPA is a beast! Quite a large learning curve. Best to find a mentor to show you the ropes
    (4) Spots Left For Private Coaching | | Skype: jon.mac303
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    In my experience, I've found incentivized cpa to be easier than traditional cpa. But for either one you basically need traffic and conversions... the same requirements as for any other kind of online marketing.

    SEO, PPC and CPV are 3 great sources of traffic for CPA. Now, with the traffic out of the way - you still have to convert your visitors into "action takers".

    This requires testing and tracking. Unfortunately, this is where many folks fail. They either don't do it or give up on it.

    For success with CPA, you have to test multiple offers, multiple landing pages, direct linking vs. landers, list building vs. direct sale, etc. Doing this takes time and money. And if you get into this game and are realistic with your expectations - then you can increase your chances of success with CPA.

    Best of luck!

    - Jay
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    Remember, if you have system that makes you millions a day, you won't sell if for sure.
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      It's quite simple - you can let Google your ad-placements for a buck a day or you can try to monetize it yourself and make loads of money.
      By the way, this is what Google does - they buy your placements for cheap and runs CPA offers on them - the margin is their profit, basically.
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    If you want to get into the cpa game, you need to first read up and study the basics and how the game is played. Contact a cpa company and get approved and start sending traffic to their offers. If you start trying to learn adsense, and then want to jump to learning cpa, then you're in for rude awakening.

    You must have some capital to spend on ppc, and be prepared to lose it all and not fret over it. The key is to get data and track that data. Then you can go back to your campaigns and adjust. You can buy some WSO courses for cheap and learn the ropes.

    Tired of the grind? Wait. PM me to see a better way.

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