confused at making money with TV shows using ( CPA Content Locking )

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hello ,i am bit confused in this , as far as i know about this methods is

telling people that i offer tv shows for free -> site -> Lock ( CPA ) It before watch -> redirect them to free online tv show site or just telling them the video isn't ready

i never tried this method , is any one trying this method , how to find hot tv shows and how to promote those

I am not asking to tell your method , Please tell me Briefly about promoting The site like these

Thank you in Advance
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    Go onto google keyword tool to find simple low competitive keywords that relate to this niche. Don't advertise with paid advertising until you know what keywords are working. I blog at leas t 5 articles for each keyword about the product and see which one converts the best. Once I narrow this down, I have my targeted keyword to use on Google PPC or whatever you are using for paid adverting. I get paranoid where I put my money so I do everything free first.
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    Promoting tv shows and movies via content locking can be risky because of copyright issues --- unless you've obtained permission from the appropriate sources.

    If you do this, then redirecting to the content source after an offer has been completed would be the way to go as you don't have to store any content on your servers.

    There are several content locking Networks that have this "redirect" feature. BlamAds is one; Adscend Media is another. Adscend is a stickler though and they tell you flat out not user their locker with copyrighted content. Blam can be a bit more flexible though.

    Another alternative would be to use a stand-alone content locking script.

    Either way, don't lock your pages and then redirect to non-existing content or fake content. For example, don't redirect visitors to a page that says "sorry, video is not available". That makes for a bad user experience and really upsets people.

    Hope this helps and best of luck!

    - Jay
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    I'm not positive they'd allow those niches. You'll have to talk to the ad manager, Ben, about it. I've had several other strong health niches work well, so there are def. other things you can go after. Sorry for the week late reply.
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    No problem much luck to you
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