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Ads on landing page?

Hi there, I'm a bit new to CPA marketing but i would like to start my first facebook campaign soon.

I would like to know if it's okay to put ads from bidvertiser or google adwords on my landing page. or is this against the rules of Facebook or the ad services?

Thanks for your help.
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    Why are you diverting your traffic from taking action? You can put ads but still it is not a good strategy. And also you can leave bidvertiser it is a scam...
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      I have to advise against it ... :/
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    You could make your own google style ads and use that space to persuade them to take action on whatever you are promoting or another similar ad. It'd be much better than the few cheap CPCs you'd get from adcents.
    I offer CPA coaching and investment opportunities for those SERIOUSLY interested in making money directly or indirectly with affiliate marketing. PM me for details.

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      Thanks for all your replies, Great advice!

      You guys made my decision easier. I will not put ads on my landing landing page.
      I will also read the "The Truth of Making Money on CPA/CPL" thread i think it will give me some usefull information.

      Thanks alot!
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    You can put CPA Links on Facebook, But No Adword
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