Newbie Case Study: Adcenter to CPA

by robfts
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Okay, I'm going to start a thread here both for myself and others on WF who are struggling to make any money.

I've tried a lot of different methods but I'm still struggling to make any $$, so I'm going to post what I'm doing here and hopefully I'll be able to get some advice plus point others in the right direction to make some cash online too. If you are a more experienced CPA marketer, feel free to chime in at any point along the way. Maybe I'm choosing the wrong kind of offer, maybe my ad copy is awful (both are likely), if you have the inclination - please steer me back on the proper course.

I'm choosing Adcenter simply because I'm able to run a test campaign with a voucher. In my limited experience, Adcenter is also much easier as far as account creation, the types of offers you can promote, competition, etc.

Day 1
Finding an offer to promote, getting keywords, uploading campaign.

Greg Davis recently had a free webinar about getting cheap clicks and lots of traffic with Adcenter which basically entailed using massive keyword lists among other things. I've implemented this strategy and was able to get my CPC down to .10-.15 and around 800 clicks per day. HOWEVER, absolutely no conversions.

My thoughts on 0 conversions are
  1. Broad match was giving me completely irrelevant visitors.
  2. My ad copy interesting enough to get people to click but wasn't specific enough to the offer? Something like "54 year old mom looks 25 again with this 1 weird tip"
  3. Using syndicated search partners was giving me crap traffic
For this campaign, I will only use phrase match, be sure to switch off search partners/content.

To start, I will be direct linking because I'm still not quite proficient with landers. I've swiped some advertorial LPs in the past, but CTR from LP to offer was low. I would like to direct link just to see if the offer converts, period.

Selecting an Offer
I'm going to test a weight loss trial. The weight loss niche is huge and also competitive, I know. But sub-markets and infinite keyword possibilities should allow me to reach my goal for # of less competitive keywords.

Ad Copy
Copywriting is something that I've yet to master, but I've read several ebooks on the basics.

Here are some variations I would like to test:

PRODUCT NAME: Miracle or Scam?
Does PRODUCT NAME really work? Don't buy before you read this!

Don't Buy Before Seeing This Report. See Actual Actual Results.

Do Not Try PRODUCT NAME Until You Read The Facts About It First!

Try PRODUCT NAME for $3.99
Try PRODUCT NAME for Free, Just Pay Shipping. Supplies Limited.

Any input, advice, criticism is more than welcome. Thanks guys.
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    Its a double-edged sword. The more vague your copy, the more clicks you can get - but also, the more money you are spending on lower quality (less targeted traffic). It really is a game of trial and error.

    Sounds like Id focus on some more relevant keywords, and optimize for quality there.
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    Thanks for your suggestion ,
    As a newbie I am benefited by it ,
    and also follow your direction.
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    Are you using a landing page?
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    one tip for you is google or bing your product and see the existing ads.
    if they exist use the same ad copy by twisting it a bit

    12 premium domains for sale.

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    Why are you trying a weight loss trial?

    Try a lead offer with a smaller payout. I know you get excited about $40 commissions, but ignore it. It doesn't sound like you have the kind of budget to thoroughly test it.

    POF Monies...

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    Was running a lander, account was banned within a day. Starting fresh, going to try a lead offer as suggested which doesn't require CC. Will update once I have something actually getting clicks. Thanks for the input so far!
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    what is the link to this webinar
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    awesome. Its a good sharing. You should continue sharing your next study. It will be helpful for others to get started.
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    Hey guys, wanted to pop back in with an update. My adcenter account was banned due to rotating offers (have to resolve to same URL), so I'm starting from scratch with this project and trying to revise my plan of attack.
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    Just keep at it and do not give up. Quiters never win and Winners never quit. You would definitely achieve your desire result.
    Stay Focus.....
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