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is there anyone in pay per download thing on this forum? i would like to talk with someone who makes money with ppd.
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    I was thinking about making my own PPD service.
    I'm not too sure if It would be worth my time. The market for another service just seems a bit saturated.

    People really do make mad money off of these services if they follow the rules.
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    No idea about PPD. pls share , If you have some doc file or Pdf file regarding PPD.

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    Interested in this topic as well.
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    PPD is pay per download.

    Members register to your site to upload premium content.
    Once uploaded, they share this link which is content locked.
    Users must complete the survey in order to unlock the download to the file.

    This in turn earns both you and the member some cash.
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    What stax said, its basically an incentive network, except, you upload your incentives and your visitors must complete an offer for the download of your incentive, you get a share of the price payed out for the offer.

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    Not now. But I have worked with PPD. pay per download payout was not too impressive (In my network). That's why I left them.
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    I am working with PPD at the moment , its great and little bit different then CPA
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