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by Milad
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I am researching niches and found one that has 3000k-27k depending on the keywords per day but oddly enough no ads on the side for adwords.

One "guru" suggested that this means that there isnt any money to be made. What is your take on this? Would really love input.guidance. Should I just test anyway?

Thanks in Advance,
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    depends what is the niche! What geo targeting! Maybe there is ads if it's geo specific niche, but you can't see ads if you are not looking at specific geo google

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      Hey dylan & mario its in medical health niche
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    You can create a website or a blog in that niche, generate organic traffic and then try to sell CPA offers related to it. Without knowing the niche is hard to say more but I understand you don't want to reveal it. Good luck.
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    If you think the keyword you should is not too broad and it match to your selected offer , it worth to be try.

    When the click reach equal to the commission you will get, and you can not receive any lead, stop the keyword. But if there are some lead , try to track as much as possible to cut loss.
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    You should always test.. This is the only way to know for sure
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    This is usually true. But you should also check to see if there are any ad running on Y! and Bing. Also, sometimes - depending on the niche - you may encounter that there are no ads running on Adword for example. However, there are plenty on the Display Network. If that's the case - there's still money in the niche; albeit not much
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