7search bogus clicks PROOF!

by sufeyh
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Hi guys, I've been cracking my head over this for the past couple days and wondering what I did wrong. I was wondering why I only had 3 leads out of 619 clicks, and why my click count on P202 only showed 35 clicks.

But I found out today that it wasn't my fault..

The other clicks weren't recorded because it had a high bounce rate, whoever/whatever clicked it immediately closed the page before it got to load hence the script on my LP didn't run and the click wasn't recorded in P202.

So it either means people are clicking my ads for fun or their too impatient to wait for half a second for my LP to load or...

Bots are clicking on my ads.

out of 619 clicks, only 35 are real.. this is horrible.
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    heard nothing but bad things about them. move onto another traffic source thats worth your time and money.
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    Well on an offer that has the CR 15% on average, i got from 200 clicks 0 conversions with 7search.. targeted traffic.
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    Just around 30 mins ago I was searching threads related to 7search.. because I've been trying 'em lately with no success myself.

    But from what I've found, there are a few people who seem to be having excellent success with it.

    http://www.warriorforum.com/ad-netwo...-anything.html (Read PPC-Coach's comment)
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    What kind of server are you using? If they are closing before the page loads.
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    7search is becoming a joke . I wish they should get rid of fraud traffic.

    Need some fun? visit http://smilegag.com

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    For every "this don't work", "this is dead", there are other threads with "this works like crazy","made my first money with", etc.

    For 7search, it is a known factor that some of the traffic is bogus. You need to see what sites are referring the fake traffic and ban those traffic sources from your account. That's how the game is played.

    You have to spend more money first in order to weed out the bad traffic sources.

    - Gabriel
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    This was actually a really good post to read on 7search. I have never seen their results myself and it makes it hard to be able to optimize a page for that. I used to uses Advertise.com and when I went to AFSW I met one of the guys and he told me what type of traffic was going to the sites and I realized fast that I had the wrong type of site for that type of traffic.

    I thought 7search was doing the same type of thing so I just stayed away.

    Learn what we have done to get tv exposure - http://www.radicallyambitious.com

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    I have used 7search myself, i got only a little bit of ROI. I invested about $500 for a case study for my email subscribers. I came out to only receiving a $63 profit.

    This was my first time using a 2nd tier PPC company, i usually use PPV and i do see a HUGE ROI. Its not all done over night i track & tweak my clicks, and also i have to test my landing pages to see which ones are converting correctly and all different stuff.

    Also, just a heads up you can contact 7search and tell them you received fake clicks, and they will give you your money back on the fake clicks.

    Anyways, hope that helped.
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    The key to success with any ppc or ppv network is tracking and optimizing. Cant be afraid of a little extra work
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      Originally Posted by Dowell5 View Post

      The key to success with any ppc or ppv network is tracking and optimizing. Cant be afraid of a little extra work
      yes....and no.

      there are other alternatives to spend your money...i agree that you have to track and optimize, but if 7search is so rampant with click fraud that you have to spend say 50 dollars just to weed out all the shit, then why not go elsewhere, and spend 50 dollars on traffic that probably converts a hell of a lot better.

      theres always going to be clickfraud, but from everything ive read, its at a ridiculous level over on 7search. i emailed them asking them if they'd "spot me" 100 bucks or something to weed out all the shit traffic, then i'd invest the rest of the money myself. they declined. that raises a red flag for me. my advertising budget for my company is pretty large, to me, anyone with that kind of a reputation who is unwilling to prove that their product works, screams red flag.

      i'll say all of this with the caveat that i haven't actually used 7search...and i dont plan on doing so. ive done quite well with google and bing.
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