How do you promote CPA Offers?

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Hello Warriors,

I just wondered how do you promote CPA offers?
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    Pay for traffic, build multiple landing pages for a single offer and work until you make a profit. Don't jump from offer to offer. Choose one that you know it works .. like established offers in the dating space.

    I don't recommend SEO, especially if you're a newbie. It takes too long and you're always days away from a new Google update that may undo all your work.

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      Hi Sean,

      My top publishers are actually one of three types:
      Those who own terrific websites.
      Those who are fantastic media buyers.
      Those who have great Email database.

      Good luck!
      Daniel from Matomy..
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    This is such an open-ended question and can have a variety of answers, but yeah PC is the best way to drive traffic to cpa offers, you can track them quickly and determine your break even point and better establish your ROI. Then of course you can always do the typical build content, syndicated it and share it and then when someone lands on you site hope fully the will click on your CPA banner.

    Tired of the grind? Wait. PM me to see a better way.

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    Both pay traffic & email marketing.

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    Have you try craigslist
    I Know Tons of my Phone Numbers Buyers Post their CPA Offers to craigslist or use auto responder
    Good Luck
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    Originally Posted by SeanSmith9 View Post

    Hello Warriors,

    I just wondered how do you promote CPA offers?
    Me? Mostly ppv, ppc, media buys, some seo
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      google adword is so selective which ads using their service, so you must redirect it into your own landing page, if you use 7search as you newbie will direct you to your CPA affiliate link, i actually try use 7search with only small conversion.

      Pleasure meet you,
      Visit My website

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