How much start up budget do yo recommend to start PPC campaign

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I am seeking advice from the successful ppc to cpa market to recommend me start up budget/capital... to start up my ppc to cpa career
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    There are lots of guides on this forum and you cant go wrong. Re budget you only need a small amount to test and see what works. From there scale it up if it works and change it if it doesnt.

    Happy hunting
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    Actually, PPC is a complex game I just can not tell you how much you need to sink in order to learn the ins and outs of this game but I want to assume you have been already educated in this field and that yo are using a reliable and fairly priced PPC network. In that case something around 300 to 500 usd will suffice to help you testing the waters and start to understand the complex PPC game . I can not say you will see any returns untill you have stepped into a profitable niche with fairly low competition and good conversions.

    A small budget is not necessarily what you need, since PPC is a game of trial and error and one campaign that sucked a week ago can start seeing profits a month later after some technical tweaks here and there.. However by trying and trying you could Hit one or more Pots of Gold that will keep you on the green side. If you fail to find them you are simply out of the game with some burning red pockets. Yes PPC is a hot game for cold hearted players!

    There are some many variables to consider, however all I can say is that I wish you every success for having the courage to try.

    PPC is very probably the ultimate profit destination for well seasoned marketers with deep pockets. Trust me I have been there have made and lost money for over 4 years and still learning everyday.

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    This is an impossible question. You could start with a few hundred and see what it does for you, then after that reevaluate.
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    I would start with about $400-$500.

    But this is a complete rough estimate.
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    Originally Posted by thisisraz65 View Post

    I am seeking advice from the successful ppc to cpa market to recommend me start up budget/capital... to start up my ppc to cpa career
    Depends on the amount of variables you want to test, and what you consider a statistically significant amount of clicks.
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    start with vouchers , small campaigns to get the feet wet..L)
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    $300 is perfect money to invest for ads
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    I'm in the same position as you but I've read that $300 is a good amount to start off with, particularly if you're focusing on international markets, as it's a good way to learn the trade inexpensively.
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