Affiliate automation: I have installed Skimlinks on my site today

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I've discovered recently Skimlinks (and also have learned about Viglink its main competitor) and I decided to install it on my site today.

I don't know how well it performs, it will be a surprise, but since they pay at net 90 even if it works well (which I doubt otherwise it would be a magic button) I won't get the money before long.

I made a video to show both services:

And so now it should change links on the fly all over my site, we'll see how it goes..

Here are 13 good practises when using Skimlinks on your site:


I took it from their welcome email.
Sorry if you already knew about viglink or skimlinks, but I didn't, and I think some people might not know about it yet even on warrior forum, so maybe they'll be excited to try and see if that works for them.
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    Yes they take 25% of commissions or so they say anyway. All sales are made via their accounts and they track the sales and then give you stats about them and pay after.

    I don't yet have any results to report because stats seem to be updated one day later, plus there is a mention about sales not appearing directly (like on amazon associates) so I think I will be able to talk more about it in a week.

    But if any of you (like frank-germany) has experience with affiliate automation, which one do you use viglink or skimlinks or another one? Could you please share your knowledge, for instance if viglink is an obvious better choice than skimlinks I'd love to know now :-)
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    I used skimlinks only but decided to take over very soon
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      My only problem with these types of affiliate links is that they do open rather many external doors and knowing how Google looks at affiliate sites these days, do you really want to display affiliate links on every single page of the site?

      From what I remember Skimlinks do offer some sort of flexibility in terms of the link density / keyword numbers but I still think that the approach to display affiliate links on every single page on a website should be avoided at all times. Too many door pages can lead to a loss in rankings in SE. This is something that can negatively affect average spent time a site for a user too. So unless used in very laid back and smart manner I think it's a very risky option for any webmaster with loads of traffic.

      Originally Posted by frank-germany View Post

      I used skimlinks only but decided to take over very soon
      Sorry for going a bit off topic but what niches are you promoting in German market if any Frank?
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        I know this is kind of an old thread, but I was nosing around WF tonight to see if anyone had any success with Skimlinks.

        I played around with it for a few months - and my results weren't all that bad for what little time I put into it. BUT... the automated links didn't pay much at all. I think I earned about $1,200 in 4 months - but only about $10 (if that!!!) came through from the auto links.

        I live in Colorado - where the geniuses in our legislature decided to take a shot at an internet tax a few years ago (which was struck down as being unconstitutional) - anyway - Amazon terminated all affiliate agreements and until the time period of an appeal has expired, a person still can't be an Amazon affiliate here.

        So I tried the Skimlinks. The worst part, for me anyway, was that for the work I did in November - you don't get paid until the first day or so of March. That four month wait is a real buzz-kill.
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    How do you put a video into a post on warrior forum?
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    Simply paste the youtube url and it generates a video player
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    Nice blog you have there! I am overwhelmed with the number of posts you have.

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