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by Paydot
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Hi all,

What is the main reason you choose to go with your own in-house affiliate programme? Whether it is the iDev Affiliate, Post Pro Affiliate, ClickInc or HasOffers affiliate tracking software to mention a few, all of them cost money too!

So is it the high Network joining fees or you simply want to run your own show, even though it might be a lot harder than you originally thought?

I don't think that a standard 25 - 30% taken from the affiliate commission on top of a sale is the issue here? Or is it really the Network transaction fees you don't like paying?

Looking forward to seeing everyone's opinion!
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    I think the bottom line is people aren't concerned with %s and fees...

    They just want the best affiliates.

    Because with good affiliates %s and fees are irrelevant.
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    Yes, but not every merchant can get good affiliates. Certainly not by blink of an eye. Some of the Networks charge ridiculously high joining fees and recurring monthly fees and this is something that not every merchant and start-up businesses can afford.

    It doesn't necessarily mean that by joining a well-known Affiliate Network with massive Affiliate database, your campaign will become a huge success. There are a lot side factors that will play a huge role in whether affiliates will even start promoting your offer and again with high fees in place, not every merchant can afford to launch a competitive enough offer.

    Same with the in-house affiliate programmes, you need to pay for the software, maintain it, update it and invest your own time or pay someone else to do affiliate recruitment side of things , launch new campaigns, keep affiliates updated etc.etc.

    So what is it that makes merchants to go with an in-house affiliate programme?

    Thanks for your opinion Greedy!

    Anyone else? Can we hear from a merchant by any chance?
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