What CPA Networks Allow Promotion On YouTube

by AKY66
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I am looking to promote mostly email submits on YouTube, and Facebook. Which networks would be best for me to apply to?
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    PeerFly allows YouTube promotion as long as you follow these guidelines:
    • The offer must have Social PPC listed under Allowed Marketing.
    • You must own the rights to the video content you are promoting on.
    • The offer must be related to the video content.
    • You must use a redirect on your own domain if you are going to direct link.
    • You are not allowed to post links in the comment sections of the video, just the description and in your video.
    I think most networks are going to require these simply because they can't have their affiliates littering YouTube with affiliate links You will probably have a hard time getting an email submit campaign approved on Facebook, but if you're using Facebook Ads we don't have a problem with that either as long as the offer allows Social PPC.

    YouTube has proven to be a decent traffic source if you can create an enticing video. I don't have any publishers pushing major numbers via YouTube videos, but you can definitely make some money with it if you are good at making videos and build a nice YouTube following.

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    It really depends on the offer. We have several offers that allow youtube listings. I don't know of any networks that cater specifically to this type of marketing, but I do know that several have offers that will allow this sort of placement.

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      Clickrover, I just signed up for your network. I hope you will approve me.

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        PM me the email address that you used. I think that Thomas may have taken care of you earlier today but I cannot be sure.

        Join today and see just how different we are from the crowd.
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