Hasoffers and general CPA question

by rehant
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im kinda newbie in this field.

does hasoffers provides advertisers or just the platform?

and in general, how many advertisers does a CPA network get.. coz i saw many didnt even had a phone no. and still they have many offers.

thank you
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    HasOffers is an affiliate network platform, the script, if you will, that affiliate networks use to list their offers. Tracking and billing are also incorporated into the software. They do not provide advertisers or offers. The network has to get those on their own. Some of HasOffers' competitors are DirectTrack, LinkTrust, Cake Marketing, etc.

    Some networks have hundreds of advertisers with hundreds of offers while others choose to focus on only one or two. The network decides how they want to set it up.
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    Def don't provide the offers or advertisers. Lots of hard work and dedication to your affiliates and advertisers. You must put in the effort that is for sure.

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  • Hasoffers is the platform. You shouldnt ever have to pay to get into any network.
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    thank you everybody for answering.

    can i get answer for my second question too
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