eBay Partner Network for non-Americans

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Have you managed to join eBay's affiliate program if you're living outside of the USA??

If so, please share with us how you did it and a bit of info about your site.
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    what's your meaning??
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    i've tried to join US ebay affiliate network, i was declined .

    i'm indonesian, maybe that is a reason for declined my application.
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    I cannot join too. I was wondering if any non-USA publishers have managed to join it.
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      Originally Posted by ababneh84 View Post

      you can join it from cj
      ebay is not with cj now but they run thru ebay partner network. You can try thru pepperjam.com

      If you have any good website or prior experience you can contact them again.
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        Trying the pepperjam ebay affiliate program. I am not sure if it is the same as the ebay partner program. I could not join the CJ.com program because I am not from the USA too.
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          Pepperjam is not really tat hard to join. Once you submitted your application, call them immediately and follow up!
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            I'm from Germany and had absolutely no problems with EPN. Got accepted into all of their partner network sites immediately.

            PepperJam is the next alternative.

            You may also want to try Amazon.com as another huge shopping netowork, Their Endless.com Shop pays a 15% affiliate commission.
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    I am from India and accepted. Actually i was one of earlier publisher joined 2 days after the launch i.e. 3 april and got accepted instantly.
    They are quite strict now.
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    I heard that Pepperjam is almost as difficult to join now as ebay. Your best bet is probably to concentrate on other networks.

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    Any ideas which netwoks I can join? Tried Shopping.com and Overstock.com. No luck.

    I think the other alternatives are:

    - Chitika.com
    - ShoppingAds.com
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