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To those still new to affiliate marketing with paid traffic where do you get your funds? I know some are guys are doing freelance writing...
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    You'll probably need a solid job, most need to save up at least $500.

    Go sell something on eBay, then try to make it back
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    I have a few affiliates who have many authority sites which they have grown. It is a free traffic method which requires little money.

    I suggest getting a job or do some freelance work to start out. There are many things you can do...what are you good at? Are you a designer? a writer?

    Find something you can do and save save save then start with one traffic source and one niche. Wish you the best of luck.

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    Hi! All I say is that, when you're still new in this field, don't spend too much on your first try. Also, just to share this with you, I started first with saving money. Save, Save, Save and Save. That is very important.

    Next thing you'll want to do is earn some money and use it to save. Once you're able to save enough money already then that's the time I think you can start investing and trying out other techniques.

    Good luck!
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    When I started I just saved up money from my job, then once I started making money I just kept reinvesting.
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    Get a full time job and budget every month. Trust me PPC and Cpa will cost you money. It takes money to make money.
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    Well said by many above - or tell your dad to fund you and you'll refund later.
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