I' am very afraid to lose my final money

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Hi guys,
i've lost $300 to buy facebook ad accounts from spammers,now i'm advertising on my own account on FB,then i've created an account on a FB ads spy tool and i copied everything interested me for the cpa offer i wanted to promote,but after 60 clicks and zero conversion and spent $27 i decided to cut the campaign.
I know that i didn't done optimizing and tracking because i believe(with fault) that copy would be great.But is not so.
Now i am very afraid to lose my final $150 and to fail again.
I've red many guides for Fb ads in all the summer and now i failed.
What do you recommend?

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    Spy tools are great for getting ideas, but copying campaigns exactly never really works. There's so much more to it then the spy tool programs advertise to you. They're trying to sell you the magic pill.

    Hint: Magic pills don't exist.

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    Scared money, don't make no money.

    You can't be so worried about losing your money.

    If you are just stick to free traffic methods.
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    Why did you spend money to buy Facebook accounts when they're free? Having such a small budget, why would you spend over half on free accounts? If I were you, I'd search for Facebook coupons. Not sure if coupons are still redeemable on Facebook. At the most, you'll find $50 off, it's worth the investment. But otherwise, just find another way to make money and build a bigger budget.
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    I would suggest, that you take a small break and think about your next step. You could also do some freelance work to get some money for your next step.
    If you decide to go on in the future. Do Split-test your campaigns. This is the only way to optimize them and earn even more.
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    If you're short on money and don't know exactly what you're doing, I strongly recommend you to get started with free traffic.

    FB ads isn't complex, but it does require some knowledge/guidance and a budget of at least $300 (ideally more).

    Don't take me wrong, you have done the most important thing: take action. Also, you're focused on one thing, which is great. But if you don't have the money now, don't go with FB. Even if you succeeded in finding a winning campaign, how are you going to keep it runnin until you get paid by the network?

    So, put the same focus you're putting on FB on a free method and you will make your budget fast. Then, try FB ads again with more money to invest.

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    ok thank you guys i'm ready to take action again and win!
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      Yeh i agree with others.

      Master some free traffic. Maybe start making $30 a day on fiverr, save some money up. Sell some simple things. Test and master smaller money makers that dont need paid ads. Then scale up with the profits you make.

      I've been where you are man, it sucks. It all changed for me, when i stopped going after the million, and started chasing the $30. I've never looked back!
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    I Agree with most have said, you either need to lose the fear or look at something else like free traffic
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    FB ads is my forte and I know what it takes to succeed there. However what I would suggest to you is, take some time off. Relax. Start with free traffic and start again.

    Also someone suggested to use coupons. DO NOT EVER MAKE THE MISTAKE OF USING COUPONS.

    For facebook, it will take a very relaxed mind to succeed because you have to be creative with your ad copies. So chill out first.

    All the best man

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  • Sell on eBay to get some quick cash and then use that to fund your future tests!

    The truth is that hardly any affiliates are successful on the first try. Around 0%

    In fact, your first couple 'hundred' dollars is used for data collection, then from there you refine, refine, refine, refine.

    You'd never 'spend your last' dollars on your 'first try' at affiliate marketing.

    I teach people how to make quick money on eBay all the time - and I've used it to fund my affiliate ventures (failed and otherwise) before. Because the truth is, eBay is undeniably a quick place to learn how to make money.

    But, just make sure you're DATA collecting first with your ads, then from there you're refining what didn't work, and exploiting what did.

    Because I agree with PPC-coach. Magic Pills don't work.
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    i know a way that dont need any investment... but requires time and hardwork... you dont have to buy anything from.. if this interest you send me a pm
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    Don't worried about losing your money. I would suggest, that you take a small break and think about your next step
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    150$ is a risk to spend it on PPC. Try some free method, or buy a software that works with CPA, at least if you don't like it you can get your money back.
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      JustSounds to me like you don't have enough knowledge on what you are doing. First off, I wouldn't be advertising on facebook. They are much harder to convert. Think about your audience, they are looking to communicate, look at pictures and have fun.. Second, If you do market on facebook, then you need to set up split testing, narrow your market by demographics, and have a catchy image. One thing you could do, that doesn't cost money is 1) find a large group on facebook. Ask a question, engage conversation..this will take a little time..see what the response is and if that community is active. Then find an offer that matches up with the community..could be a cpa offer or clickbank offer..after some engagement..tell them you saw this...and may help someone out..and put in a cloaked link..like bit.ly.

      Example: football is really big right now...find a football forum, see the conversation and ask a provoking question, like who do you think will win the superbowl... X or Y...get the conversation going, then find a cpa offer for a football t shirt with the ability to select your team...say, support your favorite team here...

      hope this helps on your journey
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    Just another note, I wouldn't be buying software to do cpa, ppv, ppc until you have had really good courses on these methods..you'll lose your shirt
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    Thanks @busygal 21 very appreciated!
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