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I read some topics about Prosper202 here, but I found no proper answer on that hosting question.

I was looking for a cheap hosting plan and thought that a shared hosting might be not too reliable if big traffic comes through, but a VPS starts mostly in higher price ranges and is comes with fixed monthly fees.

It would be very cool if it is possible to use Cloud Hosting (Pay-per-Use) like or so, which charge money every month depending on the used bandwidth to a maximum price limit.

Does anybody know a hosting provider and may have some experience with cloud hosting?

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    Interesting idea, never heard of anyone trying it this way.

    Most people get VPS server from BeyondHosting.
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    The problem with cloud hosting is that it can get very expensive very quickly if you aren't paying attention to your cpu cycles. Most cloud hosts bill on a per-cpu-cycle basis. If you get a flood of traffic through your tracking platform, that can cause a big spike in cpu cycles and hence your bill goes way up.

    You'd be better off getting a dedicated server, it will be cheaper in the long run. I used to use a company based out of Arizona which had several quad core servers available for like $50-60/month, or dual quad cores for like $75-90/month.
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    If cost is an issue, and you aren't comfortable using Linux over the command line, shared hosting, or a managed VPS/server are your only options, and it's going to have to include CPanel.

    With a cloud instance/self-managed VPS, normally you start with a standard operating system disk image (maybe with php, apache, mysql preinstalled). But setting up domains, databases etc. has to be done from the command line, unless you have a web accessible admin interface (like CPanel or Plesk) installed on top (which you would have to pay a license for).

    If you are comfortable with Linux/command line, then there are cheap/flexible options: with a self-managed VPS. With Digital Ocean, you could start with a basic $5 a month VPS, and instantly upgrade/downgrade as your needs change.

    I would just stick it on a shared hostgator account to start with. Then thinking about a different solution once my budget had changed.
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      Yes, I like to think way beyond the standard solutions.

      Thank you so far for all the posts. I will do some research.
      The thing is that I have a budget of $ 2,500 and I want to use it rather for spending on the campaign to get more data than spending on a VPS.

      Don't get me wrong, I know that the technical equipment is as important as your ideas or the execution of a advertising campaign. I just want to find a different way to save money for ppl who begin with PPV and media buys.

      I think I will send some mails to cloud hosting providers
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        A very cheap way is:

        - Shared Hosting with Hostgator (cheap)
        - Tracking with Bevomedia (free)
        - Pictures stored on Amazon S3

        This Setup is very fast and cheap and you can use you funds for the traffic.
        After you make money you can easily switch to an BeyondHosting VPS and CPVlab if you want.


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          Sounds interesting, could you explain your proposol in detail? Do you think I should use the free tracking provided by bevomedia? I read some other topics here and found some negative voices about the reliability of their service. I also think they should redesign there website, it looks very messy and you can't find prices for the premium (self-hosted) version. :confused:


          I sent you a pm


          Why should I use a German provider if I plan to target the US market? I think to ensure the speed it would be better to use a VPS located around here.

          If you are interested you can use this comparison table:
          vServer Vergleich - Vergleich virtueller Server (VPS)
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    MTVida, I guess you forgot my forum name bud. free in this instance is by far better than other hosting or an entry level VPS
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    check some german vps or dedicated, they are pretty inexpensive and really good trust me!
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    I' recommend you to check out hosting from
    They are able to satisfy all your needs with no problems.
    SAS drives are on them which make their servers very fast.
    Prices are competitive.
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