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I'd been breaking even on my campaigns for the last 5 days or so... and I tweaked, and I tweaked again. And then yesterday - I made $300 in profit. I did no actual "work" yesterday... I just refreshed my Neverblue page an watched the conversions roll in.

Now don't get me wrong - I've been busting my butt on figuring out how to get effective traffic to my landing pages. I just signed up for Tracking202, something you all should do if you're serious about making money via PPC to CPA. But it's a nice feeling to log on to your computer after a long day of school and work, and seeing that you're $300 richer.

There is money to be made in this game, ladies and gents. I've got 2 sites up and running, and I'm driving traffic to them with PPC on Adwords.

I'm reinvesting my profits in new domains, websites, and articles for SEO purposes - back into the business - because I don't want yesterday to be a fluke.

There are opportunities all around - niches waiting for you to advertise. I've got at 9 domains waiting to be converted into money-generating landing pages. If 2 campaigns can net me $300, then imagine what you can earn with 11.

This takes work. This takes research. This takes time. You will not make amazing profits overnight. The day before yesterday I had a net loss of $40, when $140 in Adwords spending only got me $100 in conversions. I'm far from even being good at this.

But that's what it's about. Learning. Growth. Improving. And keeping your head on the grind and doing work. You WILL get better. You WILL make profits. Have 100% in your abilities, and look at what the best are doing. They're successful for a reason. If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, it's also the quickest way to shorten your learning curve. Do as the best do.

I have every intention of making $1,000 per day by the end of this summer. I'll still do PPC, but I'll do media buys too. You can't limit yourself to a headspace of being okay with mediocrity. I won't be satisfied with $100/day because I know what's possible... why would you settle for that when you can secure your future for years to come with a bit more work?

You can be incredibly successful in this business. I've seen success from friends and strangers, and I've tasted it firsthand. It's exciting, it's tiresome, and it's rewarding. And you are your own boss. Period.

I find it amusing when people say "I'm going to give affiliate marketing a try, and see how it is." You won't be successful if you're "giving it a try". Commit yourself. You know it works. The only way it won't work for you is if you give up because you don't want to do the work. No one is saying it is easy... but it as a heck of a job - no office, no boss - and the earning potential is astounding.

So log on and do work. Don't put off building that site, or doing that keyword research, until tomorrow. Because tomorrow will always be just a figment of your imagination... there's only what you are doing right now. Here's to making a bunch of money, and getting that lifestyle you want. You already have the image of it in your mind. Now go seize it; earn it, take what is rightfully yours. Enjoy the process. And reap the benefits that come with hard work.

To your success,

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    I agree completely. Coming from someone who makes a good living off of internet marketing I would say the same thing. It all takes time and you will fail MANY times before you learn the right way to do it. It is all about learning from every single time you make a mistake instead of just reading about the next get rich quick scheme and trying it for a few days. The biggest misconception about internet marketing is that the money is fast and easy.
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      Completely agree with you. We could always make money even when we are sleeping, in school or in vacation as long as you have a software that drive traffic to your site.

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    Great post, thanks. I appreciate your comments about reinvesting! Don't sit on your laurels as competition will find hidden niches!
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    We are on the same page, got AIM? Skype?
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    Thank you for the encouraging words. To make money on line one needs to take things seriously. Don't wait for your sponsor, do what you can. I for one, have been doing it alone with advice from this forum. Today I received an email from SFI that I Was one of the 10 Top peak performers in the last quarter and have been rewarded $100.00. Not only that, my website has been netted $1,255.6 by one of the famous raters. Last year it was $123.00. I have noticed improvement in traffic and backlinks. I can see light at the end of the tunnel...
    I agree with the author, yes there is money to be made if you take your business seriously!
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    Yes... thank you. Those are encouraging words. I appreciate what you said, "imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, it's also the quickest way to shorten your learning curve. Do as the best do." I always amaze myself as to why I want to "think through" everything and reinvent.

    Good job!


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    Wow, great post. It was really encouraging!
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  • Great post, I have started to generate revenue for my first cpa campaign, it's just a few dollars on neverblue, but it's nice to see something there. I am negative, but at least some money is coming in!

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    nice job! keep refining your methods on what works so you dont get those swings
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      1k a month by September. Thats a great goal to have. At that rate you will be worth millions in no time.
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        Originally Posted by Gilbert714 View Post

        1k a month by September. Thats a great goal to have. At that rate you will be worth millions in no time.
        Thanks for those words, Gilbert! But I must say, the goal is $1,000/day... ;-)
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  • Great post. I'll just tag along with this minor success: this is my first week in CPA and I just passed the Neverblue threshold set real low by my kindly AM; the threshold was $25 and I'm over $50. Hey, it's cash you know? Keep on plugging.

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    Great post.
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    We did in the past similar thing and I can tell you, that with PPC you can earn only in case conversion ratio of your page is good.

    Main trick is to keep head up and continue trying to find best selling website even if during first month you will not earn too much.

    In the past, when we started with adwords, we lost in first month few hundreds dollars. Currently we earn approx. as much as we invest into adwords. e.g. if I pay 2000 EUR/ month for PPC on adwords, we are able to get about 4500 EUR income.
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    Great Post, Glad you're in profit. It takes time and & effort for everybody. Commit Your self and you will lose money in the learning period. But life is all about learning, just keep asking your self; do you want to be working a 9-5 all your life when you can be your own boss?

    Commit your self, and in time you will be succesful and make profit just like aekaplan did. Good luck guys.
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    I've been trying to push higher volume lately which has meant increasing bids, and I pulled over $1000 profit for the week... and then today was a loss of $80 bucks. $300 in ad spending led to only $220 in conversions. So I'm tweaking again. CPA is not as simple as 1 set up site, 2 set up Adwords, 3 watch money roll in. But if you're willing to engage, address problems creatively, and keep at it, then you will succeed. I have every confidence I'll be back to profitable within the next couple days for this campaign - and this weekend I'm starting a 2nd campaign... so profit potential doubles. Just keeping you all updated, it's not a smooth course and I don't want people getting the idea that you don't have to work. But man the system works great when you keep working at it! Here's to your success! I'll report back with updates soon.
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      Originally Posted by honestbizpro View Post

      Once again, Thanks for sharing aekaplan! Many people can get a solid idea of day to day operations that could be involved.

      Do you ever try to capture your leads? Or you just watch them come an go? I try to stick with niches I can build a long term business around.
      I do capture leads, via Aweber, for some of my sites, but not all. On these specific product blogs we see, I have yet to set one up but I'm going to test it out.

      Your point about building a long-term business is smart. Right now the campaign bringing in the bacon is more short-term, though I have other long-term sites as well! I suppose it's all about balancing both.

      And as for an update - after my tweaks, I had my biggest single day profit making $350 yesterday, and I'm up in triple-digit profit again today. Now I'm building other sites so that I can get income from from more than just one main source! (like right now)
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    For a goal to become achievable, it has it be believable and has a realistic deadline. This is a foot step to follow in terms of guideline. Awesome stuff.
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    i need to learn more ^^

    and need help ... but this post is very important, because the user did a invest ... and that is big !!
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