how to get landing page for your offer?

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i promoted some offers by sending the traffic dierctly to them.and now i want to make landing page for each offer, do i have to get my domain name? is it ok if i make the landing page with blogger?:confused:
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    what about blogger?
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      Originally Posted by helpmenow View Post

      what about blogger?
      I do nearly exclusively my own domains.... but one of my highest converting offers is coming off a domain. I'm testing now to see if I get more conversions with a .com domain, but I have seen some nice profits with the blogger site lately.
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        You could choose an affiliate link that you can make a hop link to it. So that it will directly land on the page offer. Just like in clickbank.

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          I would advise using your own domains , you have vastly more control and I've know Blogspot literally rip somebody's site down for using it in a way which was "to commercial", whatever the heck that means.

          If you get hosting from somebody like Hostgator, you can install WordPress at the touch of a button (literally) which will give you what blogspot effectively does albeit without the built in potential social traffic, but I would always advise having control over your own landing pages.

          Blogspot is a decent way to start but I don't consider sites like that a viable long term method.

          The only time I've used those kind of sites is honestly for blog farming and relevent linking.
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