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Looking in to direct linking to CPA offers and I've got a quick newb question.

On commission junction all the offers I can find state direct linking: no.

Does this mean I'm not allowed to do media buys and direct the traffic straight through my affiliate link? It needs a landing page first, right?

Is there anyway around this? I can't find any offers on cj that allow direct linking...

If not I'll have to put a landing page together!

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    I think you know the answer already, but if they say no direct linking, you'll need to make a lander. Simple as that.

    Figure out an angle you want to use to promote your offer, and design your landing page around that. Don't just focus on what sounds the easiest. Any long-term strategy will require real work and effort.
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    If the offer states that direct linking isn't allowed, then you must use a landing page when promoting it, there is no way around it.

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    Don't take shortcuts, always as least test landing pages.

    But to answer your question - if the offer states direct linking is not allowed then you cannot do it - no exceptions
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