Peerfly - Uprising Empires International offer stats :(

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See my stats :confused:

Any suggestions?
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    any suggestions ... include headings, so we know what the numbers are?

    Seriously though ... the numbers out of context are meaningless.
    What do you want someone to tell you?

    Assuming the first couple of columns are clicks, you've got a bunch of clicks and no conversions (again, guessing the 0 is conversions)

    So, either the offer sux and no one is interested, the traffic you are diving to the offer is not interested (untargeted traffic, ad/lander/web pages/whatever you are using to send traffic to the offer page, is not related to the offer) or something is screwy with the advertiser..

    Either way, try another offer and see what happens.

    Otherwise, provide some more detail, maybe even say what you actually want...
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    Is this 7 search traffic?

    Many reasons could be there for the poor conversions
    -Traffic quality
    -Poor ad copy
    -Not prequalifying prospects
    -Poor Keyword targeting
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    How are you promoting the offer? What countries are you targeting? US, CA, and UK are converting best for us on it right now.

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    Originally Posted by kasun0777 View Post

    See my stats :confused:

    Any suggestions?
    how are you promoting the offer?
    what's the traffic source?
    what's your method/technique?
    what's your landing page?
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    What's traffic source you use?
    How did you promote this offer?
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    This is why you need to do some research before getting into an offer.

    That offer has a payout of $0.80 and a conversion rate of 0.16%.

    That means you need about 625 clicks to get 1 conversion. Since you got around that number so far, you need to keep testing it because you haven't had enough clicks. You'd want probably 1500 clicks to really measure if it will convert with your traffic right now based on that conversion rate.
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    whats the point in repeating the same question 5 times? do you guys even read before posting?
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    I got some issues with that offer too
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