How to get accepted with CPA?

by bhakem
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I've been turned down a few times applying for CPA. What do CPA companies look for to approve you? I need Help with this :confused:
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    Most will deny you at first, just pick of the phone and give them a call.
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    Originally Posted by bhakem View Post

    I've been turned down a few times applying for CPA. What do CPA companies look for to approve you? I need Help with this :confused:
    They more or less want to know that your a legit affiliate and not doing anything shady.. they need to know how you are planning on driving traffic to their offers and things like that..
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    When I first started out I was shy and didn't really want to call the networks so what I did was, I went to Reviews of CPA Networks, Affiliate Programs and Ad Networks - Affpaying and searched for the AIM id's of the affiliate managers from the respective CPA Network, just for reaching out to them and having an honest and geniune conversation with them will increase your chances drastically.
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    Even I faced a lot of problem in getting approved with networks. What I did is I learn about cpa and traffic methods of promotion of offers and I answered the queries honestly and showed my passion in getting over a skype interview and finally I got in.
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    Tell them how you plan on promoting their offers, for example

    "Hey my name is XXX and I have would like to join your network. I drive traffic to offers via (media buys|PPC Ads|mailing lists)"

    Make it clear how you plan on advertising their offers and they should accept you.

    Like someone said if they dont, pick up the phone and speak to them - 9 times out of 10 after a phone call they will accept you are at the very least put you on a trial for 30 days
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    the very important thing to them is the source of the traffic and the methods thet you will use for that, there is a lot of CPA company that will accept you if you explain that to them try adscendmedia or adworkmedia.
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    I do agree to give them a phone call is the best option. Yet, for me, I'm a very bad English listener. As a none English Speaker and no major English skill, I can't call because I won't understand English through the direct voice. I always apply with a manner to give with honest and legit work that I will drive to them. Honestly, I've never rejected by the networks that I applied. Write up the amount of words with your experience, knowledge about traffic, method of traffic, and give them a clear explaination that you are a legit one and are willing to give them the good quality traffic leads.

    After a ton of detail application submitted, I emailed to the account manger of each networks and gave another details. Look up the networks community or social group give them a shot. AIM, Skype, and others are also good choices.
    I just wanna tell you that most of the links in the signature are trash and/or a trap to make you pay!
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    It's becoming a trend now, they don't accept new affiliates that easily, you have to try agian. Best is that you call them and then you can find out why they rejected.
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    i am having a very bad luck in this regards, its been days im trying to get accepted in networks but they dont, as im a newbie, i told them that i plan for paid traffic as im not good at free, but still got nothing
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