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I have a question about CPA, If I create a landing page make an EMail Form (for collecting Emails)(Aweber) and after the email is submited send the user to the second page of my CPA offer (prepop) ..If I´m able to send for example 10K traffic to my landing page and ONLY 100 enter their email in the Landingpage Email Form and do the second page (where to ship for example) , so the advertiser see 100 new leads are generated , but how my CPAnetwork know how much traffic I send to their offer ? is the EPC 100% ? ...for example send traffic 10K to my LP , and only 100 people are doing the Submit -> 100 people singup = 100% EPC ? or is possible for the advertiser to track also the traffic from my landingpage ? Thank you

P.S I cloak (hide referer) with Demontracking!
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