Can Anyone Get Me into Their CPA Network?

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I'm trying to get into a few of the big CPA networks to test out some offline marketing techniques.

I've already gotten rejected from one CPA network because, I think, of the websites I put into the application form - and not specifying what type of Affiliate marketing I will be doing.

I own my own websites, but they are completely irrelevant to CPA networks.

I know some CPA networks have a referral program and you could get a cut of all my earnings by referring me.

So I'm thinking if you can talk to your affiliate manager and have your affiliate manager get me approved, you can get that referral cut. I would really appreciate it.

PM me. Happy to email, skype, phone call with you and/or your affiliate manager.

Also if you have any tips for how to get approved for CPA to do offline methods, post them here.

Thanks guys! -Josh
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