Both POF and Prosper don't track my campaigns!

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I'm running a POF campaign since yesterday and apparently both POF and Prosper don't track them and I really don't know why.

Pof shows me the clicks, but it shows zero conversations, although I had one (I saw it in my Peerfly account).

Prosper doesn't show anything, no clicks, no conversions. I'm using shared hosting, but that can't be the reason, I mean it doesn't even show me a single click. Strangely, when I visit my landing page myself Prosper tracks it. Doesn't matter if I enter the address in my browser or if I click on my POF ads myself, it tracks both. It just doesn't track any clicks or conversions coming from POF from others. And there are clicks according to POF.

And I think I set up Prosper properly, it gave me the PHP file link, the landing page link etc...

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    right, you need to raise support ticket with your host (hostgator isnt it?) and ask them to whitelist your whole tracking domain and its subdomains (give them the domain name) for mod_security rules.

    and pof wont track your conversions unless you setup their tracking pixel on your offer page or use universal tracking in prosper
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      Do I just have to take the iframe Pixel from the POF Conversion Report page and put it in step 1 in Prosper where I can add a Pixel? Or how can I do it?
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    yes in step one. so if your pof iframe pixel is something like this
    <iframe src="" style="display:none"></iframe>

    you need to select iframe and paste just the source url in prosper:

    then get the universal smart pixel from step 8 and add it in your peerfly offer page (full iframe code, not just the source url)
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      How can I put it in the offer page? I already put a code in the landing page which is easy because obviously I built it myself- But the offer page is from the network, how can I put a code in it?
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