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My site application was rejected by adsense (howtobecomeacounselor.org). I would just like anyone's opinion on why? The site is about 6 weeks old and this is my first time applying for Adsense.
Also who or what reviews your website, Is it a bot/computer or a human? Plus any tips on how to improve my site. How many times can I reapply for adsense? Any personal stories would be great.
Any constructive criticism is appreciated
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    There are no real resons that your blog was denied. But, make you have a complete blog with all standard pages such as about us, privacy policy, contact us, and disclaimer. Make a decent looking with unique useful contents and keep it a while.
    I just wanna tell you that most of the links in the signature are trash and/or a trap to make you pay!
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  • I don't know why google denied your application. I'm not using adsense anymore after they banned my account last year even with my $200+ earnings there.

    You lack the standard pages. I think it would be better if you add them and add more contents to it. You can promote products which is related to your niche. You can search in Clickbank.

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      Thank you guys for your responses I appreciate your feedback.
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  • put a little more content on it. build up your blog/website a little more it should look more appealing for approval.
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    Make you site look cleaner, and easier to read.

    Not just a big thing of text.

    Maybe add some pictures.
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      Greedy when I add pics im afraid it would look like duplicate image content.
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    young and incompleted site that can be the reason I think. It's too much solid text really, you'd better make shorter posts to show on the home page. Pics are important, you have that website subject that won't require many of them so you can use paid unique ones to avoid duplicate image content
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