Tracking Pixel / Postback Question - How Many Can I have? Can I have more than One?

by razul
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For example, if I have multiple pixels on my email "Thank You" webpage to track email sign ups, will ALL pixels fire? Or just the one linked to the associated tracking link?

Also, with CPA Networks that allow postback/callback URLs, how many can you put in there? More than one? Will they all fire everytime there's a conversion?

Thanks for any help
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    I also have to place multiple pixels on the same offer. It depends which platform they use, some only can place one. But if you can place multiple ones they will not interfere and only fire when they should.
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  • Yes, if you have multiple pixels on the confirmation page, they should all fire. However this is not always guaranteed since the more pixels on the page, the longer it takes for all for them to load. During that time the user may navigate away from the page causing some pixels to not load.

    In Prosper202, the universal smart pixel can be used to fire more than one pixel. It intelligently chooses which pixel to load based on traffic source so the page is not bogged down with unnecessary pixels.

    You can read more here:
    Inside Look #2: New Prosper202 Universal Smart Pixel Fires 3rd party Pixels
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    A "tracking pixel" is a bit of script or image in the HTML. The web browser will read and render all of the HTML of the page, not just some of it; it doesn't know which are there for the purpose of tracking conversions. You can have as many scripts or images in the page as you need. This (forum) page includes 94 scripts and images, over half a dozen of which are for 3rd-party tracking purposes.
    Improvely: Built to track, test and optimize your marketing.

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