How to Setup PPV Banners With Lead Impact?

by Phil_t
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Hi everyone,

Hoping for someone experienced with PPV and setting up banners to chime in here.

So I just got started with PPV as a new traffic source yesterday and I have setup a few direct linking campaigns using prosper202. No problems there.

I'm just testing the waters at the moment and will be setting up squeeze pages later. But before I do that could someone explain step by step how to integrate prosper202 with clickable banners?

This is how I would attempt to do it (please fill in the gaps):

1. Find offer and create large banner (775 x 400 since it's Lead Impact).
The following is a grey area for me:
2. Setup tracking - Go to campaigns and enter in aff link and subid.
3. Go to 'Get links' and choose 'Direct Linking'
4. Put this link, as well as the image link in a html page (which will be the landing page) and host this and the image on your server.
5. Grab the html URL and paste into your Lead Impact campaign.
6. Add keywords/urls etc (this bit I'm fine with).

If this is ok, would the html page look like the one below?

<!DOCTYPE html>
<a href=""><img border="0" src="">

Would it still let the keyword pass through or do I need to setup a proper landing page with prosper202? (if yes to this, how would I do it?)

I'm sure this would be an incredibly useful post if someone could write a short and complete guide, because I couldn't find anything which was.

Thank you in advance for you help!


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