whats you ctr with ppv

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Hi I just set up my first PPV campaign
I am doing it on a small network with a test run of 5$ so not a lot
(I have other ppc ads running else where)

I was just wondering, for those who use there own landing page what is your ctr from LP to the offer
Currently mine is only 1% I was hoping for 10
#ctr #ppv
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    With ppv, it's typically not too high. Depending on your niche 1% isn't horrible. Ppv traffic is cheap, but remember you are paying for each view (not click) so the ctr is often much lower than other traffic sources.
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    My ctr is 4.78%, I tested like 3 landing pages, going to test some more.
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    well my ctr is 0.2% which is just too low in my opinion and not worth it especially when dealing with email submits
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    I effectively copy and passed the design of the offers webpage to my landing page replacing the email box with a click here sign

    I am very disappointed with the ctr of 0.2%
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    I got around 15-20% CTR but it also depends on your niche.

    I suggest you create your own landing page because landing page blindness would be happened if your landing page is similar to others'

    Also $5 is definitely not enough to find the winning landing page.
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      Running a campaign now with a 1.8% ctr up from 1.6%. just started it so only 373 views so far spread evenly across 9 lp. made some optimizations and shooting for well over 2% tomorrow.
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