Our little incentive site...

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Just launched our(my wife and I) new referral incentive site:


Let us know what you think!

By the way, we have live support.

I need help getting our live support button placed in the site.

Any help would be great!

By the way, we launched a 9 days ago and just passed the $1,000 mark!

We're pretty excited - we are still in the testing phase. As soon as we get all the bugs out, we're going live big dog style!

Hope to make lot's of friends here..

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    Nice site, which script did you use for that?
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      The site looks very nice, very well organized and
      it looks like you've got some really great offers.
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        What a cool design... but I have problem loading images...
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          Originally Posted by Solidsnake View Post

          What a cool design... but I have problem loading images...
          could you explain in more detail?

          What OS are you using?

          No one has ever reported such an issue.. I'd like to know more

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              We do accept incentive sites. There's still plenty of offers that take the traffic with no problem at all.

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                Hey Tom , I wonder how much these offers are paying you and what network do you sign up with?
                PMed you with some questions.

                -Nicholas Ho
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                  Nice incentive site. Can you let me know some details? i also PMed you with similar questions. Thanks a lot!

                  Thanks, Yaji

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                    Did you get my PM rewards??

                    -Nicholas Ho
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                      I got the pm's...

                      It's pretty simple really..

                      You choose a reward you like.

                      You sign up and complete 1 or more advertisers offers. Enough to earn 1 full credit.

                      Then you simply show others how to do the same. each reward is listed with the number of referrals you need in order to recieve that reward.

                      As far as how we earn money? And how much we earn?

                      Well, the answer is.. it varies.

                      The affiliate networks pay differnent incentive networks like ours, different rates.

                      It's sort of a "who's earned it" system.

                      It's also has alot to with how much volume you do.

                      The more leads you generate, the better rates you can get on the offers.

                      The rates can range from as little as 50 cents to $200, more or less

                      We have targeted advertisers that pay between $10 - $60 per qualified lead

                      And basically that is all this really is.. A VERY COOL lead generation system!

                      We pay out to you the user $40 per referral that completes 1 full credit in offers.

                      So, you signup.. choose a reward, or you can request a custom order.

                      Say you choose a Reward worth $400 - after you signup, you only need to show 10 people how to do the same thing, to get that $400 Reward.

                      And it doesn't cost you anything or at least very little.

                      Think of it this way,

                      say you like movies, so you decide you want to try the Blockbuster offer.

                      You pay 9.99 for the first month..

                      Blockbuster is a 1 full credit offer.. you just met your requirements for a $10 bill!

                      You show 10 others how to do the same - you just pocketed $390!

                      It's that easy..

                      As to the network we use? We use several.. there are many. But there are definately a few that stand way above the rest. I say join as many as you can!

                      And there is definately risk involved. And plenty of "checks and balances." And some legal considerations as well. And you better believe Uncle Sam wants a piece of the pie too.

                      Oh ya and..Let's just say this has not been a very small investment either

                      But it is fun.. and the interaction we have with our users has been very rewarding. We have the best users and the community is growing pretty fast.. I'll be excited when we can get our site forum going.

                      Anyways, I'm rambling.. but I feel very passionate, as well as fortunate, about this opportunity we have.

                      P.S. Don't let all those challenges I mentioned, turn you away. challenges are opportunities.. something we each seek out in our everyday lives.

                      If there wasn't any money in this, companies like mine wouldn't last long

                      I'm pretty excited and optimistic for the future

                      Let me know if you have more questions..
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                        What promotion do you do for site to get new members to join?

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                          Is there room for international affiliates? Did you consider we Africans
                          also in your program?

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                            Unfortunately.. things are much more complicated when it comes to going international. So for now, we can only accept users in Canada or USA

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      Originally Posted by PPC-Coach View Post

      Nice site, which script did you use for that?
      Well.. After a TON of research we went with the FSR script.

      They have great support and the script is easy to deal with.

      I'm curious about your affiliate network?

      Do you acccept incentive sites?
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    Link TopInternetRewards.com is dead.

    Get free information about my micro video

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    URL is not working.
    Email: deepika@adattract.com
    Skype: Deepika.adattract
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    This thread is from 7 years ago. Of course, the link is dead. Most sites like this don't last.
    If you need to have anything proofread - eBooks, websites, documents, etc., I can help. Please contact me at proofingservices1(at)gmail.com.
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