Can someone explain the real difference between CPA and Affiliate networks.

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I think I understand.

CPA is more of getting paid for leads and signups, etc. But I've seen plenty of those types of offers on CJ and the major affiliate networks.

I've done affiliate network programs, but never applied for any CPA networks. And I hear they are gaining lots of momentum lately.

If someone could please summarize the basic ins & outs and benefits of CPA marketing as opposed to ordinary affiliate marketing for commissions per sale, I'd appreciate it.

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    CPA is cost per action...You can get a high commission off offers that are either free or have a small initial trial fee. The low initial investment to the consumer makes it easier to convert.

    Affiliate marketing is based on a sale of normally a higher ticket item with all money up front.

    Most trial offers like a bottle of this supplement, or this acne product...blah blah...have a low initial cost to the consumer but a much higher cost on the backend of a forced continuity program. They rely on the consumer not opting out of the program before a 14 day trial etc.

    You can get paid commissions for simple things like lead generation for zip and email submits as well. These normally pay between $0.80 - $3.00 for an email or zip submit. However they are sometimes scrubbed a good bit. Normally because the way most people do zip and email submits is through incentive offers which means the leads typically suck and have a low conversion for the advertiser for their backend offers.

    Basically CPA is either free, or a low initial investment to the consumer.

    Affiliate marketing is a full sale typically.

    Trial offers I still consider affiliate marketing in my own and email submits I consider more of a true CPA.
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      Thanks zerofill.

      That makes sense. You go for the easier conversion, and also get higher payouts with CPA.

      So what is the best way to promote CPA offers without getting banned or scrubbed? I've read that doing polls and including the offer such as "Get a Free whatever for taking this poll" has worked for people.
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    Originally Posted by honestbizpro View Post

    All networks are not created the same. Some have better offers, some have shaky shaving and scrubbing tactics. Some are fantastic and even assist you in your marketing efforts.
    Thanks for that too. So can anyone tell me what would be the best CPA network for my needs?

    Essentially I have 2 primary niches:

    Health & Wellness
    But I try to stay away from the get-rich-quick crap that ultimately breeds fraud, like so much of the "here today, gone tomorrow" diet and male enhancement pills you see in popups and infomercials.

    Decorating and spacious living for apartment/urban dwellers
    Fortunately there's not much for fraudsters to capitalize on in this niche.
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      And you can't really tell which CPA networks will carry the offers/companies/products that are a good fit for your marketing style or niche, right?. Does it make sense to join as many as I can? I have heard that there are stricter requirements for acceptance.

      I'm really itching to try CPA. I hear good things about it and it sounds exciting and versatile. I can imagine it being successful for me on social sites. I sure as hell haven't had much success promoting standard affiliate sales on social sites. But CPA seems like an easier and less overbearing approach.
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    Thanks to Powertreb for asking the question, and for everyone who answered. I'm also a newcomer just learning what is what, and found this thread very helpful!
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    CPA is my main way that I monetize. Pay per sale and Pay per click pale in comparison to Pay per lead/CPA from what I've seen.
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