Media Buys...Your own product vs CPA?

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Im getting into media buys with sitescout. My original plan was to drive traffic to a squeeze and promote my own weight loss program. This way im building a list as well. But I do know that people make alot of money with media buys with CPA...has anyone tried both? Any insights? If I do CPA would it still be better to collect the emails then promote the offer?
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    You can build lists with CPA offers also.. just put a high-converting landing page with your autoresponder code in it before the offer. Which I would advise anyone to do. So yeah, it's better yo collect emails than promote the offer via thank you pages and follow-ups.

    The one great thing about CPA offers is that you won't have to worry about conversions and limited variety of products.

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    Having your own product can be great, but I always try to test the waters first with CPA.
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    CPA. Like CalinDan said; you cam build your list with CPA too. And for your niche, you'll definitely find related offers. It's like killing two birds with a stone, you can market your service to them later
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    So if I go with CPA should I have a typical squeeze like optimize press or get one made according to the offer or do I get one made according to the niche?
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    You can go either with CPA or Self created Product. However I'd always go with self created product, because CPA offers are not always converting that good and your EPC could also be lower.

    But if you optimize a CPA campaign well, you can receive great results. I think everything depends on the testing and how you market the product.
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    Hi, I agree with Greedy, CPA publishers hire talented copy writers and great graphic designers to create compelling offers and besides that do a lot of testing and release the ones that convert the best. I would start with CPA offers that appeal to you and or fulfill a burning need, like treating something, or dating or a cure. I do recommend creating a squeeze page, by taking some elements from the ad copy of the CPA offer. Then when you master promoting some CPA offers then go onto creating your own product if you want. I hope this helps, feel free to contact me...

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    Always your own product if you can of course.
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    FYI, interview with John Chow about this
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    Build a list in that niche. You won't need any other niches.

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