Can it be this simple?

by Jensha
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(I'm referring this to CPA, specifically CPL money makers)

Apply as an affiliate, create a landing page, buy traffic

Is that how you guys just do it?

Take this example please.

Apply to peerfly.

Once an affiliate, create a landing page for the product you applied for (iphone 5 for example)

Then buy some traffic (through clixsense for example)

Can it be this simple?

And we are allowed to buy traffic right?

To clarify.

What is allowed for CPL offers is that we can pay for people to view the site or our landing page.

What is not allowed is for us to pay them to sign up.
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    You're basically an advertiser, you advertise on a particular traffic source so if people are interested they click on your ads and visit your landing page. It may seem simple but there's a LOT to it. There's lots of info in this part of the forum, check it out learn all you can before you go ahead. But be prepared to lose money at first due to testing ads and landing etc.

    Ninety-nine percent of advertising doesn't sell much of anything.

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    Yes and No
    Simply buying traffic is not an answer
    All those ads you see 10,000 targeted visitors for a $10
    Forget about it doesnt work - believe me I have tried

    Also clicksense traffic counts as incentive and isnt allowed for a lot if nearly all offers

    You have to find a matching offer to a traffic source then you are winning but that aint easy I have sent about 300 people to various offers over the month not one sign up
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    • ...not to mention purchased traffic can be quite risky sometimes, and could cost you your entire earnings, as well as investments, for any given period if it ends up in reversals. You have to appropriate ads to content, which should be scaled down a bit to targeted user interests.

      Also don't forget to create valuable content!

      Great responses mraudi and espresso!
      John Bailey
      aim: CpaleadJohnB
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    Yes, you are commission based advertiser. The concept is simple, but the execution is tricky.
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