Anybody knows how to track exoclick conversions sing imobitrax?

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I am currently having some issues on how to track which urls my conversions are coming from. Anybody has any experience?

I tried setting it up myself but the conversions are still not showing in my tracking solution ( although I have conversion in my cpa network )

Anyone can help me with this? Willing to pay as well for somebody to set everything up correctly for me.

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  • Pretty sure iMobitrax works on s2s tracking - which should always be used for mobile anyhow.

    What you need to do is find the token that it uses to generate a unique transaction/click id.

    This could be anything, like [=clickid=] , {transaction_id} etc.

    Once you have this, ensure that you pass this value into your affiliate networks subid.

    e.g.{transaction_ id}

    Then, find out what your iMobitrax postback url is, and have your affiliate manager place this globally on your affiliate account. Enter the affiliate network's subid token in the field where you need to postback the unique click id.
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    Pretty much as above. Use the unique subids to track the conversions.

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    Hey guys anyone willing to help me set it up? Apparently it is still not tracking... or let me know if you could point me to someone who knows and has experience with the 2 above platforms? Thanks!

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      Try the iMobitrax forum or contact iMobitrax support they are usually very helpful.
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