Anybody successfully using prosper202 on hostgator shared hosting?

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Hey guys,

I have a quick question for you:

Is anyone on this forum successfully using prosper202 on hostgator shared hosting?

I know that ideally you should use a VPS or dedicated hosting if your running a good amount on clicks but I currently have hostgator shared hosting and my research on google suggests that prosper wont work on HG hosting because it doesnt support SQL partitioning but some people say they run it with no problems so I am kind of confused :confused:

There are also modded versions of P202 floating around and several "fixes" to get it to work on HG hosting such as this one

I need to get a tracking script setup ASAP

Can anyone confirm that they are using HG shared hosting with P202?

Would love to know how its working for you and how you installed it (did you use a modded version of the script or anything else?)

All opinions/comments welcome

Thanks in advance

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    I dont know about any mods etc, i seen this one didn't try this its just going to waste time but trust me you should use a VPS dont go for a cheap one as well as they are unmanaged I just lost some money behind this (serverpronto) guys looking at some thread where the guy was like $8.00 hosting and you get a server its easy and shiz all BS wasted nearly 3-4 days behind this now again am planning to get beyond host, using paypal this time so that my transaction goes through, I have just wasted money with other providers and dont use shared, they have a lotttt of issues.

    But if you are keen on trying to save money and be a jaca** like me who burnt his hard earned cash be my guest, however I would personally want you to use a VPS, and save the trouble of blocking scammers from charging your card unwantingly etc...if you look around well enough you would get some awesome coupons to use as well just me 2 cents.

    Best of luck
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    Hostgator has an article on how to get around this -

    I recommend spending a little bit extra on a vps though..
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    Hey Alan,

    I really wouldn't bother. It'll end up losing you money in the end.

    Feel free to PM me for some advice on picking up a good, solid VPS for cheap.

    - Marcus
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    I somehow managed to make this work using a special older version of prosper202 and a patch, or something.

    I can't specifically remember how I did it but I don't recommend. Use a different system instead.
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      Hey Alan,

      I've just replied to your PM.


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      Originally Posted by Greedy View Post

      Check Beyond Hosting, it is well worth it.
      Hi Greedy,

      I was trying to purchase a membership at but my purchase did not go through. I was thinking you already have reached the 650 mark. Is it?
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    Never use shared hosting with paid traffic. You will lose traffic and money on your campaigns.
    (4) Spots Left For Private Coaching | | Skype: jon.mac303
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    Hey Guys! I have Tracking 202 set up on hostgator under a resellers account. I believe tracking 202 is not self hosted like prosper 202 is. Is this a problem as well? Should I abandon the hostgator account and find a VPS?
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    So, still the same, no Prosper202 on shared hosting? Even for very little traffic, like 100 visits per day?
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