4 Tips I Want You to Learn In Order to Be Successful

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Hello, Warrior Forum. Making money by using CPA can be easy. In fact, making money in any business can be very easy. If you take time to learn from your mistakes and experiences, you will get better results and better results.

I see there are many people want to make money online, but if your mindset is not wrong, it actually hurts you. So here are 4 tips, I hope you can truly learn something these tips.

1. Understanding Step 1 First

In my opinions, It doesn’t matter you are using free traffics or paid traffics, you need to learn your skills step by step. Once you learn from step 1, you can move to step 2 faster. So please be patient, taking sometime to analysis the data already be tested before and see how to make it better.

2. Choosing a Right Method

There are tons of methods you can make money online. However, you need to base on your situation choosing a suitable one. For example, there is only $200 in your account; I will suggest you save it, and using free traffic sources. It’s simply because you have big chance to lose $200 if you use paid traffic. However if you have enough budget to go with paid traffic sources, please stay with one traffic source and train yourself to be an expert.

3. Practicing Consistently and Persistently

Okay, I will test it next week, um… maybe tomorrow. It’s that you? Making money online is same as make money offline, you should really need to take some time to learn and practice.

You should think like a boss, but not like an employee. Being employee, you will get your money once you finish your daily job. But as a boss, you won’t make any money if he does the same things as employee. But your boss earns more than you 10 times, why?

Rich focus on the outcome.

4. Learning, Keep Learning

Do you know that when you can’t move on, it’s because you don’t know something. In the reality, you don’t keep learning, you will be poor. Believe or not, rich always keep learning. Same as internet marketing, the rules and competitions are always changing; you won’t be the top if you don’t
keep learning.

Marcus Yu
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    "You should think like a boss, but not like an employee."

    I love that one, I should print it out and put it right next to my computer
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      Originally Posted by Cataleya View Post

      "You should think like a boss, but not like an employee."

      I love that one, I should print it out and put it right next to my computer
      Yes, true. if you want to make serious money online, you should really need to be a boss becasue it's you to find opportunity. And of course, there are massive opportunities right here, you just need to find them out.

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    Great summary. You are absolutely right. These are things which people should always keep in mind.
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  • Choosing the right method... 100% correct. Everyone bounces from method to method if one doesn't work. Many people don't test and tweak their canpaigns. They just throw up a link and some cash and expect to be millionaires. You need to choose 1 method and stick with it.
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    This was, and this IS my problem, even today. I think I want to make it happen fast. I'm trying hard to focus on good business not greedy business. The newcomer internet marketer just has to accept that it takes time and determination to achieve the goals. Hell, and I'm not even new to this. And I made the first dollar years ago... and than the second one. And more to go, for sure, I'm just still trying to find a way. Frustrating!

    Hard work and determination is the key.

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    Here's the Secret.

    Give this all you got... And when you've done that.. Give it even more.
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    Cheers for the quick motivational post.
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  • Learn How To Learn and Learn how to become aware.
    soon people... Relax...
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    There are some quite obvious points. Though it's totally true, especially about way of thinking.
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  • Something else to consider is that you need to give yourself time to learn that new paid or free traffic method, that new platform, or that new piece of kit you just bought. I see this time and again, people buying something like SENuke and expecting to have it mastered in an hour...and then expecting top results a day later.

    You also have to give yourself permission to fail. Not every campaign will be a winner, and I'm sure we all know that it's in the times where things don't go as planned, that we learn the most.

    I'd also say that if you're family/spouse aren't supportive, be ok with that. Don't let it slow your roll. You have a vision, a concrete action plan and knowledge to get it going, as well as testing and refining it. Just tell them "thanks for your concern, but I got this" and go do it.

    No matter what, pick one thing every day that is hard for you, you've never done or makes you uncomfortable, and do that FIRST. It will take a lot of energy to do, and should be done in the morning (or whenever you have the most vim and vigor). Then you can settle into your routine having accomplished something new and therefor having a new skill. It just makes the rest of the day more enjoyable.

    Mostly, though, just keep going and you'll get to where you want to be.
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