what is tracking and postback service

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hello i have a bout and i need to clarify it before i start campagins

what is tracking ???? ( in CPA networks and how does it use )

and what is postback ????

should be buy any tracking .....or we can just use the tracking in CPA networks !

please answer my questions

thank you
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    If you are you using a tracking software like:


    You can place a conversion "Pixel" on a specific offer in the CPANetwork.

    When a lead or sale is generated the CPANetwork "Fires" the pixel and it will
    show you in your tracking software where this lead came from.

    Down to the exact Landing Page, Banner Ad, Etc.

    You get this "Pixel" from inside of your tracking software and give it to your
    Affiliate Manager to place on the offer you are promoting.

    You can choose what type of pixel you want to set.

    Cookie Pixel
    PostBack URL
    Global Pixel

    It's really just a string of code that you copy and paste and hand to your AM.

    You can also grab a "Pixel" from the Traffic Source if they have one.

    When placed on the offer you are promoting on the CPANetwork it will "Fire"
    when a lead is generated and inside of your reports on your TrafficSource will
    show you where the lead came from.

    It's very important to track. So set your pixel.

    Depending on the network you can place multiple pixels on an offer.

    P.S. No use in running a campaign until your tracking is in order.
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    The best free solution for you would be Prosper202 .

    You host it on your own server and it will give you detailed reports
    as well as allow you to rotate landing pages etc..

    It's a free download just Google it, once you get familiar you can move
    on to a more robust tracking platform.

    Best of Luck!
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    yes sir just got it

    thank you very much once again !
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