different cpc in prosper202

by Olen
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As cpc changes over time in a ppc campaign on individual keywords in 7search, how do you adjust prosper202 to reflect current click prices? Is it like an average, since click prices can vary per keyword? Can that info be passed in the tracking ID to places like neverblueads and maxbounty?

Say my campaigns will start at .03 or .05 on all the keywords at once but overtime, some bids are increased and some are decreased so the reporting gets skewed when that happens.

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    No answers? this question must be confusing... LOL How about this. What do you do in Prosper202 for a 7search campaign when your keywords have different bid prices?
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    Take the average CPC that you're paying? I don't know if prosper lets you upload reports, don't remember. That way you're tracking your spending more accurately. I know CPVLab does allow you.

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