IncentaClick / CX Digital Media . Hmmm..

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Anybody having any issues with these guys ?

I sent some traffic to them for biz ops stuff, conversion was ok about 1 conversion per 25 clicks, did a hundred bucks the first day, figured if they would pay weekly I would ramp it up and try to hit the $1000 per week.

So I emailed my AM there, no response, emailed again, no response.

Tried ringing his number, no response , although some message about paging him....

Tried ringing CX directly via their main number, end up in a god awful phone system, finally end being put through to somebody also not there.

Did some digging on their site and find they have their own forum here:
ABestWeb Affiliate Marketing Forum - incentAclick

Not exactly full of happy people, but anyway I find , what appears to be the main affiliate manager there a lady called Jessica, she seems to at least be around so I give her a ring on her direct number and guess what...her extension doesn't exist.

I mean c'mon guys, not exactly making life easy are you. Am I really going to risk sending a $1k a week on the above basis, it's not that I think anything is shady with CX at all, I like the backend, I like the offers, I've never heard of them not paying , it's just bloody hard work trying to do business with them.

For now I'll work with somebody who I can actually contact.
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    I don't think you will get much response these few days.
    They are sending their people to adtech.
    I called most networks, no one pick up.
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    Hey Simon,

    I have not had a problem with them... I talked with them yesterday I believe.
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      I got a response back just now , they want about $7000 a week to pay weekly..

      Maxbounty and others will pay weekly at $1000, shame as I like the CX offers etc.
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      Originally Posted by View Post

      What kind of offers you are looking for Sim

      I was looking running a couple of biz op trial offers with CX Dig but I want to do about $250 per day or so and be paid weekly, I'm not keen on waiting a month on that volume.
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    I'm looking for weekly payment too.
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    CX pays net15 (unless things have changed) which is pretty cool.
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    True, they do pay on NET 15, and have paid me so far.
    I do remember that getting hold of them during the sign up process was quite a chore, compared to other networks. Called them at least 10 times, but no one was ever available, left a message, and after a few days of playing phone tag, was finally able to reach an affiliate manager who got my account approved.
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      I am interested in cx digital media and want to sign up to be a publisher. can you provide me the affiliate manager's contact information?
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    I don't think you will get much response these few days.
    They are sending their people to adtech.
    I called most networks, no one pick up
    Cant understand why they picking their phone calls ??
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    Its a good company and have done pretty decent with them. You will find they have many gems that convert fantastic!

    Ive never had trouble gettign in touch with my am
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    I believe it is the best CPA network out there. I have made the most money with them. My AM is always on MSN messenger and AOL Messenger. He answers e-mails within 15 minutes. I bug my AM all day, every day and have always been paid on time and sometimes earlier. They are Net 15. If you just joined this is how it works. Checks are calculated from the 1st to the 15th and 16th to the end of the month. If you made enough over the threshold between the 1st and 15th, your check will be mailed you you on the 1st of next month. If you met the threshold between the 16th and end of the month, your check will be mailed on the 15th. There is no weekly pay at CX Digital Media Inc. It is NET15.

    I have called at the office before and have always gotten through to my AM. Perhaps you should switch to a different Affiliate Manager? Right now it is hard to get through to the seasoned AM's there because of all the Ad Tech meetings, etc so whoever is calling them, their calls and work have to be routed to the other AM's.

    CxDigital Media has been good to me for the time I've been there. I've gotten several goodies from them as well. I'm not a $1,000 a week guy but they treat me great. I have told them to change x stuff on the landing pages and they have done so! I like them a lot since it's the best support I have received from all my AM's. Just hang tight, I am sure they will get to you and take good care of you.
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