Why don't I see ad's for popular KWs

by WAL08
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If I type in "Dell" the only Ad I see is the company Ad at the top. I don't see any on the sidebar.

this happens for many big names

In the traffic estimator, if you bid on the ad it says you'll get impressions and traffic.

If I were running a used computer business which specialized in repairing Dell's, I'd like to bid on "Dell"

Based on Googles terms this is okay.

However, I don't see any other relevant ads besides "dell"s

I'm just curious.

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    Can't bid on trademark terms.
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      Originally Posted by nicnac03 View Post

      Can't bid on trademark terms.
      So you can't bid on the exact Term but you can bid on long tail with the term in it?

      For example, "Dell Repairs" has plenty of ads.

      Just not "Dell"
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    You can bid on trademark terms you just can't put them in the ad.

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      Thanks, but that still does not explain my question - only explains the rules which I already have read on Googles terms.

      AdWords Trademark Policy - Advertising Policies Help

      You can bid on the KW, yes that's understood.. However, my question is, why do many KW's not have ad's on the right column but only in the above head which is typically the company.

      Not only companies, but also other popular websites.
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    I just called google, their explanatoin is that possibly nobody in my geographic location is bidding on the KW "dell"

    I do find that a little hard to believe, but okay...I guess..? It seems that walmart, amazon, bestbuy, etc would be bidding on those KWs.

    Can someone out there simply google "DELL" and tell me if ads populate in the right column?

    Same thing with Target, Walmart, etc..

    This is very strange to me and so far nobody has been able to explain it. Maybe it's something with my computer?
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    For these keywords, Google seems to lower your site's relevancy/quality rating a lot.

    Making it hard to get many impressions.

    This is what I've seem with my expense running Adwords for companies.
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    I think this kind of keywords will produce you only impressions and will not convert to anything
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