Just Got Back From Ad-Tech In San Francisco

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Hey guys,

I just arrived back home from Ad-tech in san francisco. It was pretty awesome being there and meeting all the networks in person and networking with super affiliates.

I will tell you this, the big money is in backend of it all. Forget trying to go out and promote a offer, create your own and get it onto these networks.

I had the opportunity to meet shoemoney.com as well, hes a kewl guy. I spoke to him for a bit.

Also saw the founder of Wikipedia, and the founder of Digg speak. Those are two great people with a tremendous amount of success online as well.

I was able to shake hands with some of my affiliate managers, and also networked with some advertisers who own these offers everyone is running as well.

If there is one coming to your city or close by, I def. encourage you to go out and network with these people, leave them your business card and establish profound relationships.

I am looking at the possibility of 2 JV's with some top marketers, and I was only there for a few hours.

thank you for reading!
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    Totally cool man.
    You sound exited and pumped up.
    Keep the momentum going and your plans on the back end.


    Ask...Because you never stop learning.

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    Hey Steve,

    i just messaged you on skype, had a simple question to ask.

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    yeah it was definitely worth it. Affiliate summits are key, because its more marketing driven, this ad-tech was more about the networks and other businesses sharing what they can do.

    The guys from adbrite and marketleverage were great people too. And i forgot to mention I met the Google Adwords manager that I always work with. Not really "manager", but the main person I communicate with as well.

    Google People (Very Layed back and know there stuff)

    The Youngest Network Marketer To Crack The Internet Code: http://www.matiasleiva.com

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    Great to hear you enjoyed there and best of luck for your JV's. I am also thinking of visiting it in november. Might meet some big personalities there .

    Thumbs up again 2 u

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