Which CPA Site Can I Use To monetize this Audience

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i want to monetize a facebook page on a great World class music star, but i don't really know the best CPA site i can pick for it. i thinking of setting up a blog for this. Please which CPA network can work best for this? Thank you.
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    You'll probably have to use something like generic email submits.

    Check out Peerfly, MaxBounty, NeverBlue... ect...
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    You can join just about any CPA network. Greedy names some of the more popular ones. Your CPA offers, on the other hand, will have to have mass appeal. Generic email subs can work. So can offers in the health, wealth, and love niches.

    To find more specific offers, just type in the name of your world class music star in Big brother G and see what comes up. Visit the first 10 or so sites and see if they have any ads running. If they do, take note of the ad's niche and then go to your cpa network and get offers in those niches to show your audience.

    Of course, this isn't a "hard and fast" rule as you're not going to be 100% sure that similar ads from those sites will work for you... but it's a start
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    1. Find the demographics of the users on your page. Are they mostly kids or middle aged women or whatever they are.
    2. Do some demographic research using Quantcast to see what kind of sites those demographics visit. You can visit those sites and see what is being advertised there to get some sort of idea of niches and angles to go after.
    3. Use offervault to find offers in that niche. Sign up to the networks that have the offers you are interested in. Just about every network should take Facebook page traffic.
    I offer CPA coaching and investment opportunities for those SERIOUSLY interested in making money directly or indirectly with affiliate marketing. PM me for details.

    Read More about CPA/Affiliate Marketing on my Blog
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      thanks for all your advice. do i need to have a website to start working with the CPA offers? because i don't budget for one now, unless if i can use blogger.

      Then, What do you think using amazon products of the musician to monetize..can that work for fb audience? and i heard that amazon affiliate link expires after 24 hours. how true? THANKS
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