Looking for examples of Youtube videos created for CPA monetisation

by Diice
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Hi guys,

I have just made my first $21.50 on a CPA offer through CPC networks. It cost me around $13 in clicks to get that lead, but obviously i am still happy.

The reason i joined CPA though is because i am looking to monetise youtube videos around CPA offers. The only problem is i have absolutely no idea what to put in the video, or what the video should be like.

Would someone be kind enough to PM me a link to a video they have created based around a CPA offer? I have no intent of competing with you, i genuinely am just looking for some guidance on the sort of videos i should be creating.

Ofcourse, if the video is converting relatively well for you, that would be the perfect example for me. I would really appreciate this favour.

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    I would waste your time with video right now.

    If you had a success with your first try on CPC I would stick with that.

    I wouldn't walk away from it for video.
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    100% ROI sounds good to me. Focus on the CPC deal and scale it to $1k/day profit!
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    Creating an interesting, entertaining video can be very challenging. Most Internet marketers will probably not want to spend the time or make the effort to master the tools to do so. Even if they did, they still might not be able to create something that anyone would stop to watch.

    So, I am not surprised that it is not the favourite medium for advertising CPA offers. But, I cannot tell if video marketing through YouTube for example, can be productive, or the people making money with YouTube are not on this forum (or not saying)?

    What has been the experience of someone who is good at producing great videos? Are they getting traffic to their offers? Are they making enough money to warrant the effort?

    What about video landing pages/squeeze pages? Are they showing a quantifiable difference in conversion?

    I have not really heard any encouraging results here. Ultimately, I will have to test this myself. But, if there is anyone out there making money with YouTube (I don't mean $20 a month after posting 200 videos), I would like to know.
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