AIRPUSH exhausted my funds in one day!

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After reading some good feedback about airpush, I started my first mobile campaign yesterday. It is a maxbounty offer with a good conversion history (Network EPC .40).
My startup fund to test the campaign was $50, and I set $10.00 as the daily limit.
To my utter surprise and shock, in complete violation of the daily limit of $10.00, airpush sent out 75,038 impressions with 1,883 clicks recorded, with the total cost of $56.49, thereby over-exhausting the entire funds within 18 hours of adding my first campaign.
Moreover, I see big difference with clicks reported by maxbounty(1326).
I have created a helpdesk ticket with airpush for completely ignoring the daily limit. I will post what they respond. The WORST PART - there is not a single conversion.

I wanted to share this on warrior forum.
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    Sometimes networks can't promise to stay in your daily budget, especially with this small amount. However it's still a huge discrepancy. You already did the best move, by contacting them.
    Do you use a tracker? Have you collected some data with these 56$ spent? Now you found out what's not working. How will you improve?
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    Man, that sounds a bit shady... I hope you can get it sorted out. Were you using very wide targeting, such as run of network? Sometimes what can happen, is that your ad will be displayed in so many places when your budget hits, that even if your campaign gets shut off, the clicks will keep coming in.

    Did you at least get some conversions to recover the money you spent?
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    Under certain circumstances, networks unintentionally may go over your budget, it's not uncommon, nor unheard of.

    This issue most often occurs when you have a very broad target, that has a lot of volume. The traffic for your campaign is so immense that the networks are unable to stop when your budget is reached,.

    I've personally had the same issue occur to me as an advertiser on multiple ad networks.

    This is not done intentionally (as far as I know), it's caused because it's technically very difficult to stop your campaign at the exact second when it meets your budget while dealing with a high-volume campaign, thus, networks will pause it a few minutes later for example. A few extra minutes could lead to going way overbudget when you're running an ultra high-volume campaign.

    Running RON (Run-of-network) with broad targeting parameters can cause such issues.

    Of course, I'm speaking of what generally happens because I'm representing an Ad Network myself and know how these things work from the networks side of things.

    BTW, you got 75,038 and 1,883 clicks which seems like a stellar CTR, hope it converted for you, and you made some of the money back!
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    MaxBounty counts unique clicks, omits dups or those redirected because of foreign IP addresses.
    Signature is a CPA network that pays weekly.
    The largest rewards program in CPA – solely for MaxBounty affiliates!
    > > > > > < < < < <
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    bamitabh I had the same experience with Airpush. They exhausted my account within hours.
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      Originally Posted by Tee Yup View Post

      bamitabh I had the same experience with Airpush. They exhausted my account within hours.
      I have just submitted a dispute with Airpush in Paypal. Will be posting the results.
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    Sounds fishy. Try to contact them.
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    Hard to accuse with more facts.

    With that said, the biggest lesson learned is that CPA in general requires constant monitoring! Especially when you first start a campaign, try checking every few hours

    But of course you know this now!
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    You shouldnt have gone with paypal disputes, in IM relationship is everything. You ruined it with airpush like this

    12 premium domains for sale.

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    You should have contact airpush over the phone
    i dont know why people dont pick up the phone and make a call, this is the fastes way to create a relation and they will take you seriously
    Whatever your mind can conceive and BELIEVE you can achieve
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