[Screenshot inside]Simple squeeze page not converting, any advice for improving conversion rate?

by Diice
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Hey Warriors,

here is the CPA method i am using at the moment.

I am using PPC (7Search) to drive traffic to my squeeze page. The squeeze page is attached to this post. The idea is to get people to sign up here, i then direct them to the offer page which is an email submit. The idea is i will get the lead for the email submit aswell as a list of people that complete the offer. Hence i can send them further offers in the future.

The problem is, this squeeze page is converting so so poorly.
I thought because it was simple and straight forward plenty of people would sign up in an instant.

Out of 140 clicks yesterday (According to 7Search), only 2 people signed up, and only 1 of them completed the offer. I would have thought with these being extremely targeted clicks and a simple squeeze page i would pick up a lot more leads than that.

Please take a look at the squeeze page i have attached, is it too simple? What can i do to increase conversion rates?

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    You could put more information on the page or even try to improve the layout in order to inspire more confidence (credibility is very important).

    Also, your targeting may be wrong, you need to make sure that you're using the right keywords.

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    Here is what I would do:

    1. The bullet points you have added are waaaaay too poor of content. People only care what is it in for me, so add more juicy info.

    2. The text says grab a playstation CONSOLE, but the picture is of a controller? No sense here

    3. As mentioned above add credibility. People nowadays have this "shit detector". They land in your squeeze page and see that somebody is giving them the chance to win a console. Ok, but who are you, why should I trust you? WHY do you give away consoles?

    4. I would definitely A/B test different colors and positioning

    That should do it, good luck
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    Yes your squeeze page looks simple. Add bit more spice to it.
    Its not like PPV where crappy pages perform better than professionally designed pages. Here in PPC, this landing page plays a vital role. You need to spend more time in creating this landing page than any other thing.

    Add more features.
    Highlight key points.
    Make the headline bit more catchy.
    Make the lp more realistic.

    Also as said above make sure whether you are targeting correctly and initially in 7search there will be quite few sources providing junk traffic. You need to block them to increase your conversion rate.

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    yoangov mentioned some good points. You should definitely test more layouts/versions.
    From the first look it doesn't look very appealing. And be more creative with the text
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    My thoughts...

    1. Your squeeze page is ok. Needs some improvement. You need do things to create more scarcity, and lose the button points. I like the controller. If you can get a console and controller that would be ideal.

    2. Are you blocking bad referers on 7Search. That needs to be done.

    3. How many keywords are you testing? If you are testing a lot remove the bad ones after they keyword hits 1x your offers payout in clicks from them. (So not yet, but just a heads up.) Only use ones that are getting you good volume maybe 1-20.

    4. If you are only using a few big keywords, try using "Exact" targetting.

    5. Make sure your campaign is getting enough clicks/impressions fast enough. With 7Search your best bet is go for big keywords. You need good volume coming in because even if you get it converting the profits will be small.
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    Squeeze page needs a bit of more details and also an animated arrow may increase the CTR. I have also found that adding audio to the squeeze page also increases the CTR but check with your traffic source before adding audio whether they allow it or not.
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    Your first problem is the traffic source you are using. 7Search is terrible. Very low quality and tons of click fraud. Try FB Ads instead.
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